Range hoods in California made by Italian designers.

We have the best range hoods for your kitchen needs. Visit our catalog and compare.

Range hoods in California stand out in the kitchen as the focal point concentrates on the center of the room and guides the view to observe the cooking grill. With a 36-inch range hood you will have the perfect power to purify the air, in addition to these dimensions allow you to make your kitchen look more spacious and luxurious.

When installing the extraction hood you can choose the system air outlet will have your extraction hood, either with or without external output, which means that your range hood can recycle air within the same extraction hood, besides that you can choose your engine is placed outside the kitchen. Some of our models of island range hoods have tempered glass.

The island range hoods are the most requested by interior designers because they combine the best features of a wall-mounted exhaust hood or an insert range good, but with contemporary and unique design from the finest kitchens of the world. You can have power and elegance in a single range hood for the same price.

Professional kitchen designers have in mind the power, elegance and performance of our cooker hoods. Choose one now.

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The most innovative aspiration system in the world: Synairgy

If you are the type of person who respects the environment, and you want your appliances consume minimal energy to operate, we can say that the extractor hoods of Elica has the feature called Synairgy, which is a type of aspiration that reduces energy consumption by up to 50%, in addition to the components used in this system are silent, but powerful for cleaning the air of your kitchen.

With Chef Control, our extraction hoods become automated

With Chef Control, your range hood meets your needs without complicated controls: just select the type of cooking to be held in your stove, and the hood will be ready to automatically calculate the appropriate aspiration time, as well as when to cease its activities. In this system it is also integrated Silent and Turbo functions so that your range hood works silently and with maximum performance.

Only Elica offers you the best type of lighting for your range hood: LED light

Our extractor hoods have the best type of lighting that there is today: LED light. This system provides the perfect light for grill cooking, so you can check the cooking time of your dishes better. In addition to this, LED technology lasts 10 times greater than traditional bulbs, allowing additional savings of up to 90% of the energy bill.

Our exhaust hoods stand out for its engine, which offers you high performance.

Maximum performance is one of the features that cooks look for in their exhaust hoods, as this means that their kitchen will stay clean and free of odors and grease particles longer. We have extractor hoods that are specially designed for demanding and wide spaces, where different stews are made at once, or that the use of the kitchen is daily. Visit our catalog to find the ideal model for your dream kitchen, and other features that make our exhaust hoods unique pieces on the market.

The island range hoods we sell highlight the high ceilings, and offer the best lighting for the top of your stove.

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