A specific wall-mounted hood for your type of kitchen.

New York City has now the best options for range hoods. Compare and choose right now.

In New York, the best 30” wall-mounted hood, is within the catalog of Elica. If you are looking for an extractor hood in particular, Elica has different models of range hoods that can be placed in this space without much problem.

When is it recommended to have a wall-mounted hood? There are many reasons to install an extractor hood: usually is a place where kitchen hoods are located; they do not need a large space, plus they are perfect for small kitchens needing a constant aspiration.

You must consider this: the space in your kitchen determines the size of your exhaust hood, so you must measure the space where the range hood will be installed and make a quick calculation of the power that must have your vent hood. Elica can help you with this to select the perfect model.

The most stylish way to decorate your kitchen; the ideal kitchen extractor.

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Decorative range hoods with LED lighting

LED technology has become the standard lighting in a large number of industries, due to its low power consumption and long life (a light bulb lit with LED technology can last up to 10 times longer than a traditional bulb and can save up to 90 % in energy consumption). The fact that the LED lighting saves electricity consumption also impacts on the environment, so that not only you will be saving on your energy bill, but you will be reducing the technology footprint in nature.


Evolution is one of the greatest technology progress made by Elica. This patented technology allowed to have in a compact metal cylinder aspirated, filtration and lighting functions . This metal cylinder helps to dramatically reduce the noise of a exhaust hood, because of its small size, plus it allowed to have the lighting in the same place. This cylinder can be found on the island range hoods or wall-mounted.

Elica Deep Silence

The Elica range hoods who have the technology EDS3 (Elica Deep Silence) can reduce noise in more than one 35% when compared to the noise emitted by traditional range hoods. However, noise reduction does not imply a decrease in yield in our range hoods.

High Performance

The best compliment we get is when our potential customers tell us that our range hoods have a power and performance very close to the range hoods that are in restaurants, but with better design. With Elica range hoods you can get an outstanding performance and best design, to live up to range hoods for industrial use.

You will find in our catalog the best 30-inch range hood with eclectic touch that characterizes New York.

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