How to buy the best cooker hood?

Do you want the best lighting in your exhaust hood? Elica USA includes LED light in all its models.

What aspects you consider most important when choosing an appliance? Some people prefer a modern design; others believe that the brand is the most important issue; there is a group of people who need to have specific characteristics, as in the case of range hoods, the best LED light to illuminate the cooking area efficiently and without raising the temperature of the room.

But what happens when you can have all these aspects together in one range hood? This is called Elica, a brand that has more than four decades dedicated to the development and manufacture of innovative appliances, with original designs and a precise combination of luxurious and durable materials. Elica further understands the incorporation of advanced technologies like LED as an extra benefit.

LED technology is the best source of light that our range hoods can offer since it can last 10 times longer than any other traditional light bulb, plus their energy expenditure is lower. Another advantage is that LED lighting allows you to see clearly without blinding your vision for a high intensity light, which is important when you're cooking, due to the high risk of accidents.

If you have LED light in your cooker hood, it is certain that your lighting lasts up to 10 times longer than a traditional light bulb.

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High performance

The great performance which our best cooker hood has is one of the reasons for which professional designers choose us. No matter whether it is a big or small kitchen, the suction power of our range hoods can cleanse and purify efficiently the air with any kind of use of the kitchen, be it frequent or only on weekends. Our commercial range hoods compete closely with industrial range hoods.

Imagine your range hood becoming automated.

Your range hood meets your needs without complicated controls: just select the type of cooking to be held in your stove, and the hood will be ready to automatically calculate the appropriate aspiration time, as well as when to cease its activities. We also integrate silent and turbo functions so that your range hood works silently and with maximum performance.

A new era.

Our patented technology allows us to have a compact metal aspiration cylinder, filtration and lighting functions. This metal cylinder helps to dramatically reduce the noise of the exhaust hood, because of its small size, plus it allows to have the lighting in the same place. This cylinder can be found on the island range hoods or wall-mounted models.

When there is more than one way out: Back aspiration

During the installation stage of your range hood you can choose the type of air outlet it will have either up or to the side of a wall, with the simple movement of 90 degrees engine. If the output is up, this is usually used to filter and suck air, while if it is to the side, this allows operation without a visible chimney.

An extractor hood lighting is an important element when you consider buying one, as it serves to properly illuminate the cooking area at all times.

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