An under cabinet range hood as a solution for small spaces.

Our range hoodsare safe, lightweight, modern and with higher quality standards.

It is difficult to choose the best under cabinet range hood from all the options available in the market. That is why we will mention some of the benefits you will find if you decide to acquire a Elica range hood: We are a company dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of kitchen hoods for any decor and need a potential customer has.

We founded a laboratory for specialized development of exhaust hoods. In the case of under cabinet range hoods, we care about providing a safe product for your kitchen that complies with international cleaning regulations, plus we are committed to find for your kitchen the ideal model, according to your requirements.

It is important to say that some of our hoods have been awarded international prizes for its innovative designs, like the Wave model, which was awarded the Good Design Award in 2008. Or our Skin model, which won the Red Dot Award in 2011, a kitchen hood that recalls an old transistor radioand which was designed by Fabrizio Crisa. As you can see our products are beautiful and have the best technolo

Friendly-to-use exhaust hoods with the lowest consumption.

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Exclusive materials are part of our formula for making the best extractor hoods with energy saving.

Blown glass, stainless steel, leather, metal mesh, polished steel or techno-polymer surfaces are some of the materials we use in Elica for the development of our range hoods with Italian inspiration. We try to blend the finest raw materials with our technological advances to offer for sale only highly engineered products.

Evolution, the next step in the technological development of Elica.

In Elica we are proud to present to you one of our most important technological innovations: Evolution, which is a system that integrates in a small metal cylinder of stainless steel all the essential functions of our exhaust hoods: lighting, aspiration and recirculation . Each of these tasks are optimized to perform in a small space and still offer the best performance to purify the air of any kitchen.

Ambient Light, the lighting system you need in your kitchen.

Inside every Elica range hood is a lighting system supported by LED technology, allowing the light source to be intense but without generating high temperatures. In addition to this, the LED bulbs last more than 10 times if compared to traditional bulbs. Light range hood can be diffused around it to provide soft lighting, but bright enough for you to cook with confidence.

With Head Saver you forget about the blows.

Our research in the Elica TechLab says that one of the most frequent requests from our consumers is to be able to acquire a range hood that allows them to cook without the fear that their head can collide with it. That is why we developed the Head Saver technology, which is based on ergonomic design that allows you freedom of movement while preparing meals.

In Elica we pay attention to every detail that make up our exhaust hoods: safety, innovation, quality and personalized service.

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