Best environmentally-conscious hoods with noise reduction.

An under cabinet range hood with the latest techonology.

It is essential to count on appliances that will ensure the responsible use of resources such as electricity, to get what is known as energy efficiency, or what is the same, the amount of energy required for an appliance to work and the benefits it brings this functioning. In Elica we advise you to choose hoods with noise reduction and the energy saving functions your kitchen needs today.

That is why our range hoods have the ability to manage power efficiently, to the point of saving energy consumption despite a traditional kitchen hood, thanks to our unique technology. We worry about giving you a functional, elegant and modern product, able to adjust to the new practices of environmental care.

Get with us the best features to protect the environment. With Elica´s cooker hoods you will realize that it is extremely easy to save energy without sacrificing a modern design, a powerful engine or a number of benefits able to amaze you every day. It is time to visit our gallery of models to find the one that fits your budget, taste, needs and specific characteristics.

Get fresh air in your kitchen and help keeping clean air on the planet with our kitchen hoods.

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Ambient light: an entire light source with great advantages.

In addition to cleaning the air in your home, an Elica kitchen hood offers an additional light source that becomes part of your decor. This feature diffuses light around your kitchen and lets you prepare your food with proper lighting at all time. This is an additional benefit that you get with Elica. Check our catalog to find the design and type of lighting your kitchen needs today. We're sure you find the right model, so we can advise you so your purchase will become a smart investment.

Your orders become automatic tasks for our silent vent hoods.

On the screen of our energy-efficient range hoods you can select the type of cooking you will make and our functions will calculate the intensity of suction, working time and the appropriate period of operation of your appliance. This brings a number of benefits in managing time and optimizes your hood´s capacity. This is an important feature because it allows you to forget to turn on or off your kitchen hood, thanks to its intelligent operating system.

LED light: the best light your kitchen can have.

LED technology is a leader in home lighting, as its energy saving and low temperature make it the ideal type for any corner of your house. For your kitchen, LED light illuminates uniformly and brightens your food preparation area, plus it lasts 10 times longer than a traditional light bulb. This power saving can be seen in your next energy bill, plus the temperature does not rise when you are cooking. Within our catalog you will find models that perfectly combine savings and cutting edge design.

Silence, power and cleaning.

When it comes to bring you the best features, in Elica we combine the best performance in a range hood with the least possible noise; the power of an engine is at your service, while this is kept as quiet as possible. You no longer have to decide between design, operation and performance, because our cooker hoods have the perfect combination of these three characteristics. Start today to equip your kitchen with the best appliances with brands like Elica.

A suggestion for a range hood which never gets old is the one placed in an island cooktop, like the one you find in our Comfort line.

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