Hoods in New York with the best features

Kitchen hoods with noise reduction and energy saving.

There are different kitchen styles in New York City, depending on the type of house or apartment in question; due to this is how we think about each space and we offer the best range hoods in New York, which have the ability required for cleanse and purify the air in your kitchen while you prepare your meals.

Whether you live in a small apartment in SoHo or a spacious penthouse in the Upper East Side, the Elica brand offers in its catalog the ideal exhaust hoods for every type of cuisine, from those who work every day, to those that are used from time to time. Just choose the right model and install any of our kitchen hoods today.

The best kitchen hoods for the city of New York should be affordable, which is why Elica has different solutions for each homes located within the Big Apple. High ceilings, narrow spaces or large studios, all these types of housing will benefit from Elica range hoods. Just contact us for further assessment if you have any questions.

Under cabinet range hoods with the latest technology.

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Exclusive materials in our kitchen extractor.

Speaking of exclusive materials Elica carefully selected the materials used to create aesthetically pleasing combinations and durable and resistant range hoods. Stainless steel, natural skin, Venetian glass, polished steel and technopolymer are some of the elements that make up our exhaust hoods.

Ambient light to create a state of mind.

In addition to the lighting system in your kitchen, the Elica range hoods have their own lighting system called ambient light, which diffuses light around the kitchen to offer a better overview of cooking area. This is important because you can illuminate the cooking surface and maintain an intimate atmosphere in your kitchen with the other lights off.

Be careful of not loosing your head.

This may sound familiar to you: you are cooking and suddenly you get distracted for a second and your head hits the upper kitchen cabinets, including cabinets that keep the cooker hood. In order to remedy this problem, Elica tests and analyzes the ergonomics of each of their range hoods, to ensure comfort and safety to its customers. These range hoods are tested thoroughly to ensure optimum performance without limiting the cooking process.

An innovative kitchen evolution.

Elica's technology is a huge step for the future range hoods. Our engineers combined compact stainless steel cylinder power suction and air filtration, as well as the lighting from the range hood. When this conjunction happened, our research laboratory and development knew this was a technological breakthrough.

A reduced space and a large floor space will benefit your cooking program with any range hood model from Elica´s catalog.

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