Range hoods in America with Italian design.

Elica has the best range hood in the USA for any kind of kitchen. Visit our catalog now.

Unlike other countries, kitchen range hoods in America need special performances as international energy regulations set a limit on the amount of electricity that a fume hood can consume in a conventional home. With Elica´s extractor hoods there is not need to worry about this, because we have the appropriate exhaust ventilation hood for your city.

The kitchen hoods can be positioned in different places: islands, under cabinets or at a hidden panel. But the most frequent location is the wall-mounted range hoods, allowing anyone without experience to be ready to install a range hood in a matter of hours. These type or installations, although quite easy to achieve, need professional advice in order to become fully functional. 

Elica´s extractor hoods are designed to fit into any decor like American kitchens, where amateur cooks need to clean up the air in the kitchen while experimenting with different cooking techniques such as grilling or smoking meat. The smoke must be removed at the moment which is generated. Whether you're in the West Coast or the East coast, our delivery services reach every corner of US.

American kitchens need the best kitchen hoods; Elica design and assemble are the best ones.

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Perimeter aspiration to ensure clean air.

Perimeter extraction is one of the best features found in our range hoods, allowing to aspirate air and redirect it around the same exhaust hood. This reduces energy consumption carried out by this feature and this type of extraction is present in range hoods for island installations, where a piece of blown glass helps to drive the air and recycle it.

A silent ductless hood to bring the best comfort.

There is truth in that statement which says "silence is golden". In the case of range hoods for American Kitchens, silence is an important part of our models. Our engineers made it possible for range hoods to maintain optimum performance, but without the noise produced by traditional range hoods. This has been possible thanks to the way in which the fan speed is adjusted, thereby further reduction of 35% is achieved.

Safety features for reducing kitchen accidents.

It has happened to everyone: we are engaged cooking and suddenly we hit our head against the top of our kitchen cabinets, including the ones in which an extractor hood is located. To make sure this does not happen again, Elica has investigated everything related to ergonomics, so our range hoods fit in your cooking space and do not become a nuisance.

The next generation on kitchen devices.

We have achieved a technological breakthrough. In a compact stainless steel cylinder the following features are contained: performance, lighting and aspiration of the exhaust hood. Usually this technology can be found in models of island range hoods or the wall-mounted ones. If you are in San Francisco, San Diego or Chicago, you'll get your products in record time.

The best way to purchase a lasting extraction hood is to buy a piece from the brand that has the most experience: Elica.

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