The perfect stove vent for your flat.

Ducted range hoods as a piece of art that also aspire, purify and recycle the air.

Our extractors can transform the simplest cooking space into an upper class cooking station without compromising safety and luxury. We have good news for you: Elica, with its Italian heritage in design, has the perfect stove vent to emphasize even more the elegant style of your kitchen. We know that finding the best pieces for your kitchen can take time.

Our recirculating/ducted installation has a superior blowing performance than other brands, in addition to an outstanding efficiency stove vent with low power consumption. The power of our exhaust hoods is another aspect that characterizes them, as professional chefs and cooks with expertise are always on the hunt for the best extractors with the highest quality.

Luxury finishes and more than four decades support the unique viewpoint of Elica. No wonder design professionals prefer our Italian design. Elica TechLab is a revolutionary approach to the world of innovation. In this space researchers, designers and engineers work hand in hand to develop air extractors that not only appeal to the visual appearance but are also environmentally friendly.

The materials we use are chosen to offer a stunning design, and retain all the range hoods functions.

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A kitchen hood with ambient light

With different light sources you can create completely different environments. We deliver to LA, NYC and Miami areas, so order now. Elica has range hoods that illuminate efficiently the cooking area, plus they have a feature which diffuses light around the kitchen, so it becomes an additional point of decoration.

Vent hoods with perimeter aspiration

Our extraction hoods are a match made in heaven between design and functions, so you always get the best of both worlds. Perimeter aspiration allows you to inspire the grease and smoke into he outer perimeter of the range hood, reducing energy consumption and noise. You only see the beautiful glass panel, and the best part is that you won´t even notice that it´s working, thanks to its silent engine.

Special controls

Just imagine that you came from work and need to relax a bit before having guests coming to dinner. Instead of spending the night cleaning your kitchen, just let the power of our range hood take care of this. Beside the suction power, we include a silent engine and turbo functions, so it becomes an automatic task. Chicago, Boston and Phoenix are part of our delivery areas.

Total freedom of movement

Our exhaust hoods and stove vents in USA allow you to have freedom of movement when you're preparing food and avoid involuntary hits. Thanks to ergonomics and functional studies investigated in the Elica TechLab, the dimensions of each range hood are carefully designed. If you are in San Francisco, San Diego or Chicago, you'll get your products in record time.

What more can you ask for? Our range hoods are beyond your wishes: environmentally conscious, noiseless, powerful, innovative and smarter.

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