European style for stove vent

European style never goes out of fashion, so your kitchen will always be in trend.

Wall-mounted stove vent can become an art piece, depending on the objects found around this, plus the distance from the stove. Elica has several designs specifically designed to effectively decorate a wall while aspires a room potently.

With regard to the installation of range hoods mounted on the wall, we must say that is one of the easiest to install, long as it is have provided the air outlet In case that does not have this, you can still place your range hood, you only have to adjust the direction of internal motor.

You can have the European-style stove ventilation, you only need to check out the extensive catalog of Elica, where you will find the right model for your kitchen. We recommend models that are mounted on the wall, since their position may change, plus they are a different and unexpected decoration for your visits. It is the time to check our catalog and choose the best wall-mounted range hood now.

European designs can be adapted perfectly to modern homes. Take advantage of this combination with Elica wall-mounted exhaust hoods.

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We invite you to try the best extraction system in the world: Synairgy

Synergy is one of the best technological innovations that have come out of research laboratories Elica (Elica TechLab), which purifies the air in your kitchen with low power consumption (up to 50%). This is due to the silent but powerful internal motor that optimizes the functions of extraction and filtering to the exhaust hood, ie, regulates itself to the benefit of our customers.

With Chef Control your needs become orders.

What if you could program your exhaust hood with the most common functions you perform? It is now possible thanks to the Elica control system called Chef Control, which allows you to operate your exhaust hood to perform the functions of aspiration and shutdown automatically, for example. This system also offers a quiet engine, yet powerful.

LED light, best lighting system in the world inside your exhaust hood.

When you are cooking must have the highest number of light sources so that your culinary tasks are faster and without accidents. Within each extraction hood Elica is a source of LED light, which provides lighting without raising the temperature, in addition to its duration exceeds traditional bulbs: lasts up to 10 times more lit.

High performance is what you can expect from Elica range hoods.

Elica offers an internal engine with maximum performance and low power consumption, in addition to meet your air aspiration needs. Our wall-mounted range hoods can work in small spaces or large kitchens, with the same capacity and quality.

Once you choose your wall-mounted exhaust hood, you also receive the personal attention and guarantee of Elica.

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