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Our experience of over four decades in manufacturing kitchen hoods supports our quality.

It´s important to have many years of experience in a sector, as it has done Elica. There are several factors that determine the confidence that a customer has towards a brand. One of them is the experience, since this determines the longevity and commitment that a company has with its target market. The more years has a brand, the better is qualified and considered by new clients.

The kitchen hoods for sale brand with more experience often have different models or products that meet its customers needs and exceed their expectations. One of these brands is Elica, which has more than four decades of experience designing and manufacturing range hoods of the highest quality. Forty years are easy to say, but Elica has carved a path of honors and awards for its innovation.

Elica has witnessed the change in tastes and needs of its customers for four decades until today, where consumer concern is to have environmental-friendly appliances, and that its operation entails a saving of money and resources, such as electricity. Now is the time for you to visit our online catalog and apply for your first quote, where you will find the perfect kitchen hoods for sale.

Elica USA has over 40 years experience in the exclusive design of range hoods for sale with European inspiration for sophisticated tastes.

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Synairgy is part of the technological improvements that is within our kitchen hoods for sale. This progress consists in caring for nature, at first, since that is the trend of modern appliances. A second goal is the reduction of noise, which is a feature that has fascinated all our clients, because it allows them to cook and purify the air from their kitchens without the hassle of a deafening operation.

Chef Control

With Chef Control you can convert your needs in orders your kitchen hood for sale will executed automatically. This is possible due to technological advances in the field of extractor hoods, along with the global trend to equip appliances with systems able to run with preset commands. This is one of many features that distinguish our cooker hoods from the rest, so you'll always be at the forefront in your kitchen.

LED light

The LED light has become a trend that professional designers have chosen for designs commissioned by clients. This type of lighting offers numerous benefits, including the fact that it lasts 10 times more than any other traditional light source, plus it promotes lower energy spending -a reduction of up to 90% -. That is why it makes sense to include the LED light on our kitchen hoods for sale.

Elica Deep Silence

When we refer to a silent hood, we're talking about the one that has the property that takes the name of Elica Deep Silence, which allows an exhaust hood to perform maximum performance, without implying an excess of annoying noise. According to our research, this feature reduces noise pollution to more than 35%. This benefit is in the various business lines we have for our clients in the United States of America.

With a power consumption of less than half, the kitchen hoods for sale by Elica allow you to save on your electric bill and purify the air.

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