Silent vent hoods for big kitchens

All our kitchen hood has patents that make it unique and safe for our customers worldwide.

Whether you're an experienced chef or just starting preparing your first recipes, the truth is that you need to always have a clean environment for cooking, but not always you possess the necessary tools to get this, so you require to seek the best appliance brand for silent vent hoods.

With this in mind we recommend you an Elica´s kitchen hood, as it has the necessary models to accompany the American chefs in their task of preparing complicated dishes at the same time they purify the air around them. And if you're looking for a kitchen island range hood, Elica have the most original designs for your kitchen.

Professional kitchen design is a sector that demands the best products. That is why the professionals of this guild require brands and appliances able to provide features and materials of high quality, and safety, durability and cutting edge design. Elica has stainless island range hoods that become sought objects after its unique design.

Researchers and scientists work every day to bring you the most innovative stainless range hoods.

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Synergy: Elica allows you to save energy with this technology.

Synairgy is the technology that our customers are able to reduce power consumption when using any of our stainless range hoods. This is achieved by our group of engineers who optimized the engine of our range hoods for working efficiently, but without the need for more power.

With Chef Control your needs are orders for our ductless hood.

All our stainless range hoods have an intelligent system to convert your needs into work programs to vacuum and purify the air in your kitchen. American cooks benefit greatly with this functionality, because they do not need to worry about turning on the extractor hood, they simply program the exact moment in which the extractor must cook and clean up the environment and when to switch off.

LED: Elica illuminates your kitchen and clean the air at the same time.

We all know that LED technology has revolutionized the way how objects illuminated the spaces where they are located. Lamps, television and even cars have adapted to obtain the benefits of this type of lighting. In the case of our stainless range hoods, LED lighting provides more light with reduced power consumption guaranteed.

Elica Deep Silence: silence and power have never been as united as before.

Do you know Elica Deep Silence? Elica brings you this technology so you do not worry about the noise it makes your stainless extractor hood when it starts to draw the air. In addition to a quiet engine, this is still the same or more powerful than others, so the clean air of your kitchen remains intact.

Ergonomics, design and exclusive materials are elements that distinguish us in the world.

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