Stainless range hoods for modern kitchens.

Researchers and scientists work every day to bring you the most innovative exhaust hoods.

Wall-mounted stainless range hoods include great advantages when it comes to changes in decorating a kitchen as they can be placed in a new wall if so desired, plus they have features that make them the best appliance your kitchen will have, since you will clean the air in style.

There are several shops selling extractor range hoods but when you go to any of them ask to see Elica models because only so you can make sure your range hood has the quality and features required to purify and cleanse the air your kitchen professionally and without excessive noise. Check out our catalog; there is something exciting to discover.

In addition to performance and quality, in Elica we care about respecting the environment and not attack it, so we reduce the amount of energy that our range hoods require, in addition to using methods of aspiration which are faster and less demanding of resources. This and more you'll find in the Elica range hood catalog. Check it now.

Wall-mounted exhaust hoods with an efficient air extraction.

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Synergy: save energy with the kitchen hood lighting

Without friction or vibration, we present the next generation of range hoods that everyone will need: Sinairgy. We care about the environment, so we manufacture a range hood which reduces up to 50% of electricity use, because this is a self-regulating system to clean the air without increasing your electric bill. Try new envorinment-caring technologies and help our planet to heal withour losing any comodity.

With Chef Control your needs are orders

The kitchens of San Francisco come in different sizes, but for each Elica has an ideal range hood for meeting the needs of more demanding aspiration, thanks to their powerful engine can cleanse and purify large areas where food is prepared, without count the cooking techniques used.

Exclusive Materials: quality finishes complement your range hood.

The designs of Elica range hoods not only look elegant in any kitchen but also work exceptionally largely to the combination of their unique and innovative materials such as hand-blown Venetian glass, microformado steel, polished refined or skin leather are some example of our raw materials.

LED light: a source adds more lighting to your kitchen

Light Emitting Diode or LED technology is behind the most innovative light concept today, since it allows savings in electricity consumption -up to 90%-, in addition to other benefits as a duration 10 times greater than a traditional light bulb. Your cooking area will always remain illuminated with this modern and functional system.

Style and sophistication are synonymous with the Elica brand. Consider some of our models for your kitchen right now and be amazed.

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