Stainless range hoods with silent air extraction.

Breathe cleaner air with professional cooker hoods.

When it comes to luxury finishes, Elica makes its stainless range hoodswith the toughest, safer, high-quality materials such as stainless steel, which provides protection for the exhaust hood and a clean and modern style to your kitchen. In addition, our professional range hoods with stainless steel never go out of style, because its shiny silver tone goes with any fashion trend.

The power of our exhaust hoods is another aspect that characterizes them, as professional chefs with great expertise are always on the hunt for the best air extractors with the highest quality. Our range hoods have a superior blowing performance than other brands, in addition to an outstanding efficiency stove vent with low power consumption. We deliver to LA, NYC and Miami areas.

Elica´s range hoods have an amazing professional design, that´s why professional kitchen designers recognize the quality and effort that Italian craftsmen printed on each of their exhaust hoods, giving them a unique design that adapts to any style of cooking, without sacrificing the blowing performance that characterizes Elica. We deliver to Boston, Phoenix and Las Vegas too.

Italian designed range hoods which are recognized worldwide.

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High performance in an extraction hood

Our range hoods with very high blowing performance are particularly suitable for large kitchen environments or for culinary habits that require intense boiled, fried or grilled. Either extracting air out of a room or recycling it, the power of the Elica range hoods meet any need, professional or home, without a problem. If you are in San Francisco, San Diego or Chicago, you'll get your products in record time.

Back aspiration

In the installation stage you can configure the air outlet according to your requirements, with a simple 90 degree rotation of the internal power unit. Classical upper outlet is suitable for both filter operation as to aspirate air through a chimney at a glance. The innovative rear output allows the aspiration of air without the necessity of a visible chimney. In this case, the exhaust hood must be connected to a duct to evacuate odors and smoke into the wall where the hood is installed.

Elica Deep Silence

The range hoods equipped with the Elica Deep Silence system (EDS3) are the quietest in the world. This technology allows for a extremly quiet air extraction, even imperceptible due to low speed handling. With this technology you get a reduction of noise greater than 35% compared to traditional hoods. This unique and patented system by Elica reduces the noise level but without slowing down the blowing performance; this kind of range hoods are also the most powerful and efficient on the market.

External motor

The exhaust hoods from Elica can have a remote engine; the engine is installed away from the exhaust hood or even outside the kitchen. With the use of an exterior motor, a range hood can improve its blowing performance up to 35%, plus the sound generated is reduced by 20%. This feature is found in some of our models, and can become enough reason to buy a range hood by Elica.

The luxury you find in our range hoods has no comparison.

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