Silent vent hoods for modern flats.

Get a piece of art that also aspires, purifies and recycles air.

We know that finding the best pieces for your kitchen can take time, however, we have good news for you: Elica, with its Italian design, has silent vent hoods to emphasize even more the elegant design of your space. Our exhaust hoods can transform the simplest cooking space into a upper class cooking station without to compromise safety and design.

Besides beautiful finishes and quality materials, Elica´s modern exhaust hoods come from the work of a group of professionals who design and assemble pieces of art, which also serve to improve air quality in your kitchen. There are so many options that is almost impossible to choose just one, but don´t worry, we´ll help you to find the right one, no matter if you´re in San Francisco or San Diego

Elica TechLab is a revolutionary approach to the world of innovation. In this space researchers, designers and engineers work hand in hand to develop air extractors that not only appeal to the visual appearance but are also environmentally friendly. Luxury finishes and more than four decades support the unique viewpoint of Elica. No wonder design professionals prefer our Italian design.

The difference between common range hoods and a modern kitchen appliance is Elica.

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Synairgy in an exhaust hood

Synairgy is the patented tecnology by Elica, which reduced electricity consumption by half. This system reunited in a single vent hood a silent motor with the power to regulate itself, so you don´t have to think about the time to turn the kitchen ventilation on or off. Our clients gent exclusive materials, one of a kind piece and the result of our innovation process.

A kitchen extractor with Chef Control

Chef Control is a technology designed for people who want to automate their daily tasks. In this case, we have exhaust hoods on which you can select the cooking time and decide the extraction power that is required. Within this technology there are the Silent and Turbo functions, so our customers convert their requirements in automatic commands. We send our products to Chicago, Boston and Phoenix as well.

Perimeter aspiration

Perimeter aspiration is an alternative aspiration technology, where the airflow is channeled into the outer perimeter of the range hood, reducing energy consumption and noise. Instead of the traditional filter that is at first glance, these extraction hoods have a glass panel that enhances the aesthetic and simplifies the cleaning and maintenance tasks, so you spend more time cooking for your loved ones, plus, it`s a detail that enrich your kitchen style.

LED light

These modern extraction hoods are equipped with a lighting system based on (Light Emitting Diode) LED technology. LEDs guarantee an ideal cooking space lighting to facilitate food preparation. In addition, they last up to 10 times greater than traditional lamps and allow to save up to 90% of electricity. Reducing electricity consumption not only means a lower bill of light, but also a lower impact on the environment.

Elica utilizes the most exclusive materials that offer you a balance between luxury, safety and easy cleaning.

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