Silent kitchen range hoods

The most innovative and original silent kitchen hoods you can get them within the catalog of Elica.

We've all had the same problem: finding the best suppliers of appliances that offer us high quality products. We can turn to family or friends, but the experience of a company is one of the first signs that you are in the right place when you want to know where to buy the best silent island hoods, for example. In this case we suggest check out the Elica online catalog and request a quote.

With over forty years of experience, Elica is the brand of silent range hoods for sale that offers you models with innovative features such as noise reduction to more than half, well supported by LED lighting technology. Besides this, we are designers and manufacturers of international award-winning extraction hoods and preferred by professional interior designers. Visit our gallery of models.

After you purchase one of our silent kitchen range hoods you can say you have a unique piece to cleanse and purify, with a team of researchers behind able to group the best technological advances in areas such as power, performance, energy, materials, safety and automatic functions. That is why when someone asks you where to buy silent kitchen range hoods, you know that the answer is Elica.

The online catalog of Elica is the first place you must visit to buy the best silent range hoods on sale: modern, innovative, with the best design.

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Ambient light

Elica has silent range hoods that can efficiently illuminate your cooking space; beside, they have a feature called Ambient Light. This feature diffuses light around the kitchen and the range hood itself, so it turns out to be an additional light source to decorate your home. This is so important because with different light sources, the mood of your kitchen can change completely and transform your environment day over night. Remember, we deliver to LA, NYC and Miami areas.

Chef Control

What is Chef Control? It`s one of our latests technological advances, which is designed for people who want to automate their daily tasks in the kitchen. The Silent and Turbo functions are within this technology, so our clients can transform their needs into automatic commands. That´s why we have silent range hoods on which you can select the cooking time and choose the suction power that you require. We deliver our products to Chicago, Boston and Phoenix for your convenience.

LED light

Up to 10 times greater is the power within a LED lamp these days, and can save up to 90% of energy consumption. That´s why we include in our silent range hoods this light source, because we are a company concerned about the environment. The fact of reducing energy consumption also means that the temperature of your kitchen hood does not rise, which becomes an extra benefit.

Elica Deep Silence

Elica presents its innovative technology called Elica Deep Silence, which is capable of generating a noise reduction to over 35% in all the silent kitchen range hoods that have this technology within, which you do not see in other brands of kitchen hoods. Silence is not only recommended when you are resting or meditating, it is also a positive feature for when you're cooking for your family.

The materials of the Elica silent kitchen range hoods are exclusive and carefully selected to provide a pleasant and lasting aesthetic combination.

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