The most innovative kitchen hoods in New York City.

When it comes to selecting the best option in decorative range hoods, Elica has the ideal model.

One of the most popular measures for kitchen hoods in New York City is 30 inches, due to the type of apartments and houses that exist in this city, where space must be optimized to the maximum. The sky is the limit when it comes to your dream kitchen. We have recirculating/ducted installation as well.

A 30-inch kitchen hood offers an ideal air cleansing for your kitchen, even if it is small, because the extractor hood is placed under a kitchen cabinet, so you can install range hoods by yourself.Extractor hoods never looked better than ours, plus our exhaust hoods are environment-friendly.

Elica has different designs that can be adapted to your under cabinet range hood, so it does not matter if your style is modern, traditional or minimalist. You'll find the right model, with the most innovative aspiration features within the catalog of Elica.

The 30-inch Elica extraction hoods are the best idea to optimize your kitchen space, while providing the best air suction technology.

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High performance

The great performance who have the extractor hoods by Elica is one of the reasons for which professional designers choose them. No matter whether it is a big or small kitchen, the suction power of our range hoods can cleanse and purify efficiently the air with any kind of use of cuisine, be it frequent or only on weekends, for example . Our commercial range hoods compete closely with industrial range hoods.

Hoods with noise reduction and back aspiration

The best part of buying a Elica extractor hood is that when you install it you can choose the type of air vent, or how the extractor hood work. The unit power of our exhaust hoods can be adjusted using a movement of 90 degrees either upward or outward, following the type of air outlet is chosen. You may even install our range hoods even if you do not have a duct with access outside the home.

Elica Deep Silence

Elica Deep Silence System (EDS 3) is one of the greatest technological revolutions in recent years, allowing the operation of a extractor hood be as quiet as possible. Thanks to this technology we are able to reduce noise by up to 35% or more, compared to other traditional range hoods. Despite the noise reduction, the performance of our range hoods never decreases.

External motor

Speaking of noise, another distinguishing feature of our range hoods is the ability to choose where the engine is placed, that is, it can be installed near the cooker hood, in the event of not have more space, or conversely, you can choose to place the motor outside the room where the cooking takes place, which brings the benefit of eliminating any noise inside the kitchen.

In order to maintain the style of your kitchen, you should not give up to the most innovative features; choose a 30 inches Elica range hood.

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