Range hoods for modern kitchens

The range hoods of Elica USA use up to 50% less electricity than traditional range hoods.

Lower power consumption is a feature that has evolved into one of the first requirements of consumers who want to buy the best hood. This occurs because the constant use of a extractor hood should not impact the energy bill. However, this benefit is not found in all range hoods, so it is necessary to determine the brand and model that best fit your needs. Elica is a brand that has this benefit.

It is important to point out that saving energy in any appliance is a commercial advantage for the consumer because it lets you know which companies are concerned about offering innovative and conscious care environment products. Elica has a department specialized in innovation that is called "Elica TechLab" where we develop the features that allow our range hoods offer important benefits.

A low power consumption in our range hoods is an advantage that is called Synairgy, where we design and build lightweight, powerful and capable engines for maximum performance without the need for more energy, on the contrary, consumption is reduced to about half compared to energy expenditure that has a traditional extractor hood. It is the time of requesting a quote right now.

Less electricity consumption means more care for the environment and energy bill ever smaller with our cooker hoods. Request a quote today.

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With the Synairgy feature you can be a conscious person with the environment at the same time that you purify your home after cooking. We have developed this innovative breakthrough because of concern that emerges from climate change and the measures we can all take to reverse the effects of this phenomenon. In addition to this we also try to make your life easier, by offering a quiet engine when it is pulling the smoke out of your kitchen.

Chef Control

Chef Control, a feature that will not go unnoticed. Every time you think your extractor hood makes too much noise while sucking the air out of your kitchen, you should know that there is a solution to end this problem: Elica range hood. Through the Chef Control feature we offer an advanced piece of engineering specially developed to purify the air in your kitchen with an almost imperceptible noise level.

Back Aspiration

The best part of buying a Elica extractor hood is that when you install it you can choose the type of air vent, or how the extractor hood work. The unit power of our exhaust hoods can be adjusted using a movement of 90 degrees either upward or outward, following the type of air outlet is chosen. You may even install our range hoods even if you do not have a duct with access outside the home.

Elica Deep Silence: silence and power are located in the same appliance.

Today we no longer have to choose one feature over another when it comes to designing and furnishing our kitchen. Thanks to technological advances such as those Elica develops, it is now possible to clean the air of a kitchen with full power, but without causing noise pollution.

Our extractor hoods combine the finest materials and the most advanced ergonomic design, so that you're sure to purchase a quality product.

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