Recirculating range hoods for all kinds of kitchens.

Our ducted range hoods make a huge difference when it comes about comfort and safety.

This is how it works: you already have a beauty kitchen, but the smell and fats have made impossible to enjoy a proper meal, so you need a range hood, but you don´t have a ducted installation, what can you do? Elica have the answer: recirculating air. Our recirculating range hoods can clean the air and put it back in circulation in no time.

What's really impressive about this system is its ability to purify the air and be noiseless at the same time, and it works wonders when you don´t want or need construction workers tearing your walls.

In this space researchers, designers and engineers work hand in hand to develop air extractors that not only appeal to the visual appearance but are also environmentally friendly. Elica TechLab is a revolutionary approach to the world of innovation. No wonder design professionals prefer our Italian design. Luxury finishes and more than four decades support the unique viewpoint of Elica.

You know what's really elegant? When your personal style blends with a cohesive design.

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External motor in an extraction hood

This feature is found in some of our models, and can become enough reason to buy a range hood by Elica. With the use of an exterior motor, a range hood can improve its blowing performance up to 35%, plus the sound generated is reduced by 20%. The exhaust hoods from Elica can have a remote engine; the engine is installed away from the ductless hood or even outside the kitchen.

Hoods with noise reduction and ambient light

We deliver to LA, NYC and Miami areas, so order now. Elica has range hoods that illuminate efficiently the cooking area, plus, they have a feature called Ambient Light, which diffuses light around the kitchen, so it becomes an additional point of it to decorate kitchens. With different light sources you can create completely different environments.

Back aspiration

The innovative rear output allows the aspiration of air without the necessity of a visible chimney. In this case, the exhaust hood must be connected to a duct to evacuate odors and smoke into the wall where the hood is installed. In the installation stage you can configure the air outlet according to your requirements, with a simple 90 degree rotation of the internal power unit. Classical upper outlet is suitable for both filter operation as to aspirate air through a chimney at a glance.

Elica Deep Sleep

With this technology you get a reduction of noise greater than 35% compared to traditional hoods. This unique and patented system by Elica reduces the noise level but without slowing down the blowing performance; this kind of range hoods are also the most powerful and efficient on the market. The range hoods equipped with the Elica Deep Silence system (EDS3) are the quietest in the world. This technology allows for a extremly quiet air extraction, even imperceptible due to low speed handling.

A professional design can be timeless; give it a chance to be with you forever.

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