Range Hoods with Special Features and Ductless Installation

If you are looking for a stylish downdraft hood, look no further; this model speaks for itself.

We know that a house renovation or purchase involves several design decisions that are not always easy to make. For example the kitchen, which is where your family will spend more time you need appliances able to meet your needs while providing visual appeal whenever someone enters the room, like luxurious range hoods.

That is why we suggest you to take a look at Elica´s catalog, as we are sure you will find the perfect kitchen hood, like the one that is mounted on modern kitchen walls: the designs of our lines fit any decor because we use materials, high quality finishes and inspiration of the old continent. Check our catalog right now.

Elica´s range hoods have a presence in most of the US cities like Phoenix, LA or Louisiana, so you can imagine your design proposal and find the right appliances to bring to reality your dream kitchen. We are hoping to hear from you to transform your home and give you the freshest air and the best features a kitchen hood can offer.

A ductless hood manufacturer with over 40 years of experience in the market.

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LED light: the light that illuminates your cooking habits and offers a special atmosphere.

LED lighting has demonstrated the benefits of its application in different sectors of the daily life. In the case of the kitchen, we chose this technology to provide our range hoods with the ideal lighting that is durable, shiny and with low power consumption, along with low heat generation. It also gives you the opportunity to create different atmospheres at different times of the day.

The next step on the road to excellence and quality in kitchen hoods.

In Elica we are pleased to introduce our technology that integrates all the functions of a range hood in one place: a stainless steel cylinder harboring the filtering mechanisms, aspiration and lighting. By the fact that these functions are contained in such a small space, it gives lightness and elegance to our range hoods.

Silence at the kitchen while cooking is an advantage for you.

We have achieved a technological breakthrough, which allows us to offer an extremely silent range hood due to its low engine speed. This brings us to guarantee up to 35% less noise pollution. The technology behind this feature is patented by Elica and is a result of years of research and profesional tests at our researching facility.

High Performance: A range hood with steroids for making your life easier. 

We know that kitchens come in different sizes, so we design range hoods thinking on each and every one of your suction needs, whether involves small rooms or large spaces requiring more aspiration power from a range hood. We have the right model for your particular space and the features that best fit your nneds.

Our search for "fresh air" is not an obstacle to incorporate some European inspiration in our range hoods.

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