Range hoods with long lasting LED light

Get the exhaust hoods with long lasting ilumination with LED technology incorporated by Elica.

The technology allows us to improve the lives of people: we can implement functions that streamline everyday areas; we have the ability to extend or reduce everyday processes; and also we possess the knowledge for the range hoods to have basic functions with greater duration from the rest of the brands. We bet in the long-term benefits, such as offering our range hoods with long-lasting LED light.

When you are looking for kitchen hood lighting, you must pay attention to the benefits that each model offers, as every kitchen requires meet different needs. In the case of lighting, the fact that the LED light will last up to 10 times compared to a traditional light bulb tells you that this benefit is an improvement of more with less. Visit our catalog today.

Why do I need a light source that lasts longer? With each passing day is necessary to preserve the clarity of the area where you cook, so a LED light ensures that feature because it lasts longer lit without generating higher energy consumption. This is important to note because the LED light does not generate excessive heat unlike other traditional light sources.

The fresh air offered by our range hoods is part of our philosophy of being "architects of the air", which means an advantage for you.

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Synairgy: all functions are concentrated in one space.

Some of our designs of range hoods are so capricious and difficult to replicate by other brands, that we get asked sometimes how it is possible that a piece so beautiful can, at the same time, offer great air suction power. Our answer is simple: Synairgy. In a small metal cylinder we placed all the essential functions of a range hood: aspiration, cleaning and lighting. This technology we name it Synairgy. With it you can have design without losing performance, filtration and purification.

Chef Control: We convert your needs in programmed functions.

If your Smartphone can meet scheduled tasks, why not make your range hood being able of the same? With Chef Control function we offer you the possibility of entering all necessary orders so your range hood workr automatically, while you're busy cooking the most delicious dishes for your family and friends. Your range hood will be able to recognize the right time to begin cleaning the air and turn off its engine and finish vacuuming and cleaning the air in your kitchen.

LED light: a long lasting light source.

It is not enough to have a bright light; currently the lighting system of a range hood should offer you other benefits: excellent design, good performance, durability and environmental awareness. With this in mind, the technology that meets all of these points is the LED light, which can work 10 times more than any traditional light bulb, as well as offering significant energy savings.

Elica Deep Silence: silent operation at all times.

Silence is a feature that most of our clients need in their kitchen hood, as this allows them to have an unforgettable experience every time they prepare their food. Optimal performance, accompanied by a light engine are part of the offer that has Elica for you with our benefit that we called Elica Deep Silence: same power to vacuum and clean the air in your cooking, but without the noise that exists with other range hoods. Request more information today.

The Aspire line of Elica has, among its highlights, those models that are placed above a kitchen island. Get yours today.

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