The easiest installation for range hoods with external suction.

Silent vent hoods with the latest technology.

Range hoods with external suction inserted into cabinets or ceilings are the best choice when you want to keep the air aspiration discreetly, perhaps because you have in the kitchen a larger decorative piece that requires all possible attention. In those cases we recommend an exhaust hood that is inserted into a wall or near the stove structure.

One of the outstanding features of the inserted exhaust hoods is that you can choose the location of the motor (in or out of the kitchen), plus it can be placed wherever is connected with the air outlet installed in the kitchen. Being a extraction hood that remains hidden, we can only observe the vents through which air is sucked, so you can choose stainless steel as the main material.

We must say inserted exhaust hoods are ideal for environments where you want to have more space or have few distractions in sight, so hidden or stored within the walls and kitchen cabinets appliances are needed. This is one of the best ways to have the power of a suction of an Elica extraction hood, along with the subtle Italian-inspired design.

Wall-mounted efficient range hoods with the best features.

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Discover the power and energy savings with the Perimeter Aspiration in a wall-mounted range hood.

If you are looking for an alternative way to draw air, because your kitchen does not have an air outlet, we have good news, as some of our models have the option to aspirate and recirculating the air around the same extractor hood, so the amount of energy it needs to function in this mode is reduced. In these exhaust hoods there is a glass panel that is responsible for maintaining it.

Back aspiration: with a rotation of 90 degrees you can decide the type of air vent.

One of the great features that have Elica extraction hoods is the ability to decide what type of output will have, by simply moving the internal engine at an angle of 90 degrees. If the output is directed upwards it can aspirate or filter the air, according to your needs. When the engine is positioned rearward, this must be connected to an outlet duct so that the air can escape.

With Elica Deep Silence you have the maximum power, with the quieter engine.

When we refer to the Elica Deep Silence technology, we are talking about a system that lowers the speed of the internal engine, so our extraction hood becomes one of the most silent in the world. If we were to measure, we would have to say that the noise is reduced by up to 35%. However, this reduction does not mean that the performance is also reduced, on the contrary, this type of extraction hood becomes one of the most powerful and efficient available on the market.

External motor: inside or outside your kitchen, its extraction hood keeps working

We have the ability to provide an external motor in some of our exhaust hoods, which can be placed inside your kitchen or outside. When placed outside, the noise level is drastically reduced (there is 20% less noise in this mode). Besides this, we must say that this type of exhaust hoods increases up to 35% its extraction capacity.

When you choose our exhaust hoods, you are also acquiring experience and quality, thanks to our laboratory called Elica TechLab.

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