The best range hoods in Seattle

Our vent hoods are the result of years of research to bring you the best features for cleaning air.

If you find yourself in the midst of renovating your kitchen, you know that finding the best appliances is a search that takes a long time because you have certain requirements such as price, performance, brand, and the guarantee of use, to mention some aspects that you must consider when choosing range hoods in Seattle.

In the Elica range hoods you find the best materials and designs, in addition to the functions that make it easier cleaning the air in your kitchen. Furthermore, you can find models for each type of space, as those who are inserted into a wall. This installation is done when you want to maintain a concise design in your kitchen.

We know that professional designers are always looking for the best materials and features for the kitchens of their customers, so the Elica range hoods are an excellent choice to complement a home because they are safe, modern, elegant, plus they have advanced features that make air aspiration an easy task.

We work every day to develop patented technology that gives our customers security.

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Synergy: we reduce energy consumption of our ducted range hoods.

If you are looking for savings in different parts of your home, we suggest you try our range hoods, because in addition to having an original design, also features Synergy technology, which enables your kitchen be free of grease particles and bad odors, without implying an increase in your electricity bill.

Chef Control: LED lighting in exhaust hoods.

We live in an age where we have to perform tasks quickly and effectively, because otherwise the rhythm of life of others left us behind. With this in mind we present the Chef Control function by Elica, where you can program your needs, so your range hood is in charge of work automatically.

LED lighting, clean air and saving for your kitchen.

The environment has become a global concern, so the trend in kitchen design is to provide a cents in this concern. With Elica range hoods you can keep bright lighting, which consumes up less than half than any other traditional lighting, plus it lasts longer than regular light bulbs. Your kitchen and your electric bill will thank you for this change of appliance by one of the Elica brand.

Elica Deep Silence: inside your range hood we included a powerful but quiet motor.

One of the best features of the Elica range hoods is the one where its engine is extremely quiet while still being powerful. With this you ensure that the air in your kitchen will be purified in less time, plus do so not listen throughout your house. Asks what models have this feature.

Ergonomics allows us to build range hoods comfortable and safe for our consumers.

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