Range hoods in San Francisco with the best technology.

The best under cabinet exhaust hoods for home cooking.

When it comes to range hoods in San Francisco, Elica has the most advanced models that adapt to all kinds of kitchens, because we have the most talented team of designers and engineers in the world, which innovates every day our products we offer in our online catalog.

In particular we have cooking hoods that can be placed under a cabinet, which are an excellent choice to accompany the other appliances in your kitchen, such as the stove. The cabinet containing this range hood can have the same style as the rest of your kitchen, or you can highlight it with some contrasting material, such as ceramic tiles or stainless steel.

It is thus we recommend you purchase one of our under cabinet range hood models, since not only you get design with European inspiration but also the experience of a company with more than 40 years in the design and manufacture of range hoods for sophisticated kitchens and elegant owners.

Cooking hoods with more than 40 years of continuous work and innovation.

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Perimeter aspiration: range hoods with external suction

There are different configurations within each of the Elica range hoods, as the air outlet or the type of lighting. Other characteristic is that you can choose the type of aspiration as the perimeter, which makes the air to circulate and is channeled around the same hood, resulting in less noise and lower power consumption.

Elica Deep Silence: silenced range hoods

Nobody buys a range hood waiting excessive noise, but we know it happens. That is why Elica has been researched for several years how to offer outstanding performance without forcing the engine to emit annoying sounds. And we got it with Elica Deep Silence, which is a technology that reduces up to 35% noise of a range hood.

Head Saver: saving the air and your head in a single range hood

Not only the special features make Elica range hoods uniques; we must say that the research behind them extends to the way that any of our customers interact with the product. That is why we developed Head Saver, a quality that allows our range hoods can be adapted to human use in different ways.

Evolution: we provide you a glimpse into the future of range hoods

Sometimes less is more. With Elica range hoods you can count on our technological advance called Evolution, which has a stainless steel cylinder with all the essential functions that any range hood must have: filtration, suction and lighting.

The quality of our range hoods is recognized worldwide by professional and amateur chefs as well as renowned designers.

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