The best range hoods in Sacramento

Our focus on patents offer unique features you will not find in other brands of vent hoods.

Sacramento is one of the US cities with the greatest cultural diversity, hence its cuisine is varied and full of flavor, so if you are a professional chef or food buff, you may like to know that Elica has range hoods in Sacramento to efficiently clean the air in your kitchen, for example our island hoods.

Elica is aware that your culinary customs vary during the year, like seasons in Sacramento, so it gives you different functions within each range hood models it has. You can choose range hoods with a quiet engine, or the one with LED lighting. The combinations are endless about what you can get with our range hoods.

Professional kitchen design needs elements that are functional and have an original design at the same time, because this space is used for food preparation, which should facilitate the culinary work to a family, for example. For this reason Elica is the range hoods brand that most professional designers choose for kitchens of their clients.

You know what's really elegant? When your personal style blends with a cohesive design.

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External motor in an exhaust hood

One way to protect the environment is taking care of the resources we have; one of them, the energy, can be used in a better way if smart appliances are used as the Elica range hoods, which reduce energy costs by up to 50% which is reflected in your electricity bill. Visit our catalog and find the ideal model that offers this.

Efficient range hoods with noise reduction and ambient light.

Modern life has made people to implement smart devices to simplify everyday tasks; as well as smart phones, range hoods Elica also has a system that allows them to operate automatically when functions are programmed into it, as the time in which they must be activated or when finished sucking and cleaning the air of a kitchen.

LED lighting: an additional source to light up your kitchen intelligently.

The time of traditional light bulbs has been left in the past. Today the trend dictates that all households, including Sacramento, use LED lighting, since this as well as save energy, can last much longer than traditional lighting, in addition to not generate high temperatures that are dangerous. This technology is in all our range hoods.

Elica Deep Silence: powerful silence inside your range hood.

Elica Deep Silence is a technological breakthrough that we developed in the Elica research lab, where we combine the best of two worlds: an impressive suction capacity of your range hood and a quiet engine with which you will not believe your kitchen is free of smoke and odors as quickly and noiselessly. Request more information now about this feature.

The design of our range hoods distinguished by its materials and attention to ergonomics.

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