The best range hoods in Philadelphia

Patents of our cooking hoods allow us to protect and offer features that make your life easier.

Choosing the wrong range hood means you'll have to make a double expense. We have range hoods in Philadelphia with the necessary features that your kitchen needs.

What kind of features make us different? At first we can tell you that we have managed to combine two aspects that seemed distant: silence and power. Several of our models can suck the air out of your kitchen in a matter of seconds while its performance is hardly noticeable, thanks to the research carried out in the Elica TechLab, laboratory where we test all the innovations of our range hoods.

The range hoods by Elica are currently one of the favorites kitchen appliances for professional designers as they offer you everything they need to impress their customers: cutting edge design, luxurious materials, care of the environment and the ability to adapt to any interior, regardless of the configuration they choose.

Elica´s professional designer range hoods are recognized worldwide.

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Perimeter aspiration cooktop.

When it comes to saving resources, we are all comfortable with that, but if that savings also contributes to environmental care and responsible consumption of nonrenewable resources, then we are talking about the technological advancement of Elica we call Synergy. With this feature your range hood will be able to reduce the consumption of electric energy up to 50%.

Elica Deep Silence feature in an extraction hood.

Chef Control is a function that all professional and amateur chefs will love: you can enter commands in your range hood and let it run automatically while you're cooking, plus the same range hood will adjust its performance according to the type of cleaning need make in your kitchen. That's how we endeavor to offer functions of the future for your present.

LED lighting: energy reduction, lighting spaces and the latest technology.

When it comes to lighting spaces efficiently, LED lighting has proven to be a light source capable of providing the best features: low power consumption, little temperature rise, duration longer than traditional bulbs, plus it is a technology that is environmentally friendly, thanks to its materials.

Elica Deep Silence: silence and maximum performance are two ideas that we unite in our range hoods.

One of the requests we receive the most of our clients has to do with a range hood capable of operating at full power, but no loud noises. With this in mind we developed a technological breakthrough called Elica Deep Silence, which combined these two ideas into one hood. Now you no longer have to choose one feature over another because you can have both right now.

Three elements distinguish our range hoods: design, ergonomics and materials. These three define our brand in the world.

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