The best range hoods in Maine

Our research laboratory is responsible for designing modern and secure cooker hoods for you.

The region of Maine, in the United States, has a varied climate that invites you to cook different dishes throughout the whole year. However, to make this task enjoyable, you must have our range hoods in maine to be able to clean the air quickly, regardless of the temperature that exists outside the house.

All models of range hoods by Elica offer to you the features and functions necessary for you to stop worrying about the smoke that accumulates after grilling a steak, or the smell that leaves garlic after cooking. Low power consumption, advanced LED lighting, experience four decades, ergonomic design and high quality materials are part of our range hoods.

Elica is one of the brands of range hoods preferred by professional interior designers, since they get a high quality product with unique finishes and with the guarantee of our more than four decades. Our range hoods are professionals and behave as such all the time.

Behind each extraction hood there is a number of patents that guarantee its correct operation.

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Synairgy:  kitchen hood lighting for maximum performance without high energy consumption.

Synairgy is the technology that allows you to enjoy the full power of your kitchen range hood without worrying about high consumption on your electricity bill. We care about your safety and also for being kind to the environment. Our engineers are responsible for assembling products that take care of your economy. Let us surprise you with our advanced features you will not find elsewhere.

Chef Control: we convert your needs into programs ready to help.

Smart appliances are a trend that is rapidly expanding because it allows people worry less about everyday tasks and occupy that time on other things. Thus Elica offers a unique feature that lets you convert your suction and air cleaning needs in your kitchen in scheduled orders, ready to run when you start to cook. This feature is called Chef Control.

LED: lighting that transforms your kitchen and reduces energy consumption.

The trend in design and technology is pointing towards the care and respect for the environment through different actions. One of these actions is focused on optimizing non-renewable resources, such as electricity. With LED technology inside your range hood you light up your kitchen without polluting emissions.

Elica Deep Silence: silence and power are located in the same appliance.

Today we no longer have to choose one feature over another when it comes to designing and furnishing our kitchen. Thanks to technological advances such as those Elica develops, it is now possible to clean the air of a kitchen with full power, but without causing noise pollution.

The pillars of our production process: design, ergonomics and materials. Check our quality now.

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