Range hoods for Las Vegas kitchens

The kitchens located in Las Vegas benefit with an Elica exhaust hood, as they get a great design.

Sin City, also known as Las Vegas is a place where people are continually excited because of the atmosphere of fun. That is why for homes in this city, Elica have fun, modern and fully functional designs for any type of environment and different styles of cooks. Just check our online catalog and discover the most elegant designs to be integrated into the decor of your kitchen without problems.

We have high quality materials such as stainless steel, which ensures an extended durability in our kitchen hoods. In addition to this our products are adapted to the modern lifestyle of our customers, so they offer automatic operation, light and energy saving features, as well as specific features like the perfect installation to clean the air in your kitchen. Request more information today.

Play, have fun and learn the best techniques to win at the casinos while preparing the most spectacular meals with the help of a range hood designed by Elica. Welcome your guests with fresh air all the time no matter if you're broiling or by smoking a piece of meat, boiling water for pasta al dente or just cooking a couple of steaks on your cooktop.

If we could define ourselves, we will say that we are "architects of the air" because we manage to build the best range hoods in the world.

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Synairgy: small space, but big on features.

In a small metal cylinder we place the essential functions of a range hood and call this Synairgy. This allows us to include in the most interesting designs suction power of our products without design lines are amended. This adaptability is part of what sets us apart from other brands, since our research team handles every day to surprise our customers with constant innovation process.

Chef Control: automate your desires without problem.

With Elica range hoods you can transform your needs and desires into programmable orders, because the system within our range hoods is smart enough to have some autonomy of operation, which means that when you start cooking, the cooker hood will start to clean the air in your kitchen immediately, plus it will adjust the speed suction to offer superior performance. Once you finish aspirating, it will turn off the engine immediately.

LED light: better light also means more savings.

We want to offer the best features and technological advances with our range hoods, so you can be sure that your purchase is guaranteed. That is why we offer the LED light as the main lighting source for your hood. With that technology you will save not only power, but you can also experience longer an efficient light -its duration is up to 10 times more compared to any traditional light bulb-.

Elica Deep Silence: Get the full power of your range hood, minus the noise.

If there is anything that can bother anyone is a noisy appliance, because it reduces the pleasure of cooking due to its deafening sound. This is not the case of cooker hoods Elica, which have the necessary setting so they can have superior performance in terms of aspiration, but with the advantage that the engine that makes this possible is kept quiet during operation.

When you need an affordable but powerful island range hood, you only have to check the models found in our Aspire line.

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