Best range hoods in Colorado

The air in your kitchen needs a "designer" to make it flow without odor.

Colorado is known as the Centennial state because it became a state the same year the centennial of the United States Declaration of Independence was fulfilled. With this story is not uncommon to find homes and households with different styles, although the aspect stored in common is the the kitchen´s layout. They must have the best appliances, which must be able to generate savings.

In Elica we have the ability to design range hoods that operate in any environment, as our different business series are designed for different kitchen styles: professional, amateur or beginners. We also have the advantage that within our range hoods there are benefits that our customers will not find elsewhere. This are the advantages and differences that distinguish Elica from other brands.

Much of the success of our extraction hoods is that every day we investigate how to streamline our products without this meaning an oversight in the visual aspect. We also care about incorporating the best materials, as these are the foundation of a durable appliance and enable to withstand different cooking techniques in a kitchen.

Our philosophy is simple: we care about providing our customers range hoods to redesign the way of air circulation in their homes.

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Special controls for special customers.

The best features and technological advances that can be found in these range hoods in America are linked to automation tasks. It is through this principle we have developed a special feature to allow anyone to cook. Whether an expert or a novice, within a single finger the different operating programs can be started in a hood. This allows you to have more free time when you're cooking for your family.

Silence as a trademark.

For optimum range hood performance you should consider different aspects: the size of the room, the type of output, and your home voltage. If you have covered the three previous ones, you know then that your campaign can aspire to become an indispensable appliance for your home. That is why we gather silence and adequate power, resulting in a range hood with up less than 35 percent of ambient noise.

Kitchens have now experienced an evolution.

We continue to innovate in our range hoods, and the natural next step was to encapsule all the hood´s functions into a metallic cylinder. This small piece can be integrated into a complicated design and still aspirate and purify the air of a kitchen without any problem. You can find this evolution of our range hoods in our catalog.

LED light

And then someone said `let there be light´. And the light was invented for the benefit of millions and millions of people requiring illuminating different spaces in their homes. In the case of our range hoods, you can find a light source that consumes little power, lasts up to 10 times longer than a traditional light bulb and does not record high temperatures during using time. That is why the LED lighting is our choice.

Our mission is simple: to offer our customers the possibility to use a range hood with high performance, without this meaning to harm the environment.

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