Range hoods for California kitchens

Californian cuisines benefit from our European style that our range hoods offer to our customers.

California is the place where beauty is a value highly appreciated. That is why in Elica we strive to make our kitchen hoods offer the ideal design for any kind of space: rustic, modern, minimalist, elegant, southern or mediterranean. The materials of our range hoods integrate effortlessly with most Californian cuisines, so you will find in our catalog the perfect model for your home.

We know that choosing the perfect appliance for your kitchen can be prolonged for a long time, so in Elica we help you purchase only the best option to range hood which fits your needs, as this allows us to guarantee at all times value and functionality of our products. Let us guide you and choose the best features that your next range hood must possess.

The Californian climate seems perfect to invite family or friends to a special dinner, and what better to show off your culinary skills with the help of a range hood made by Elica, and your home will not have odors or grease particles, plus it will provide an interesting visual point to the evening, and it will become a topic of conversation, as all your guests will want to buy a range hood alike.

We are the architects of the air, and so we offer range hoods designed to purify the air in your kitchen efficiently.

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Synairgy: a space, different functions.

The functions of aspiration, cleaning and lighting of some of our range hoods are contained in a small metal cylinder. We call this technological advancement Synairgy call. This space reduction does not imply a decrease in power and performance in the range hood, so you can have an innovative design and at the same time getting a clean air in your kitchen with the same capacity than with a traditional range hood.

Chef Control: automatic programming of your desires.

Chef Control is the function with which you can enter different commands in your range hood and let it run them automatically, so that every time you start cooking, your range hood start different programs of use: on, off, adjusting performance and power, among other commands available for your benefit. Visit our online catalog and acquires the range hood with the necessary fuctions to quickly purify the air in your kitchen.

LED light: the best light, the brightest, the best savings.

LED technology has become the standard when we talk about the lighting the majority of household electrical appliances, among which are kitchen appliances. In each of the cooker hoods by Elica you find a LED light source, which gives you security and long lasting -up to 10 times more than a traditional light bulb-. Plus you can save energy with the use of this technology.

Elica Deep Silence: we give low noise and increased power.

Elica Deep Silence is one of our latest technology, which we developed to please our customers, who ask us for range hoods able to cleanse and purify the air in their kitchen in a short time, but without involving excessive noise due to engine operation. We managed to combine these two requests and therefore we give this benefit in most of our range hoods. Asked today by the models with this technology inside.

Within our Aspire line of range hoods, you will find the ideal models if you are thinking about installing it above a kitchen island.

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