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If you do a quick search on the Internet you will notice that there are too many options to purchase a range hood. That is why in Elica we want to do this search easy for you through our extensive online catalog. Let us be your trusted supplier of range hoods for your home.

In our catalog you will find all the features and specifications that make unique our extractor hoods, plus accompanying photographs offer an idea of how an Elica extractor installed in your kitchen will look like. In particular we recommend reviewing the inserted range hoods.

Another advantage of an inserted range hood is that you can integrate it effortlessly into the decor that exists in your kitchen without changing anything, because the range hood is inserted into a cabinet, panel or existing wall and what is seen outside is the original style .

Elica´s range hoods with LED lights optimize your kitchen space, plus they will provide the necessary suction power to breathe fresh air.

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Chef Control: we respond to your requirements right away.

With the operation panel integrated into our range hoods you can now select the right program to refresh and purify the air in your kitchen, based on the type of food you are preparing. This allows us to also offer quiet operation with maximum performance to properly aspire smoke and odors from your kitchen effortlessly.

Back Aspiration: a ductless hood with full power.

Now you can set the air outlet of your range hood from the installation stage, this allows you to make a rotation of 90 degrees in the engine so that this blow air up or down one wall of the kitchen. The output type can also be determined with respect to its function -aspirant and filter or just aspirant-.

Ambient light: a refreshing change from lighting

With a Elica extractor hood you can have an additional light source for your kitchen. This is especially useful when you are cooking and want to have a better view of the process, but without turning all the lights in your kitchen on. With Ambient Light we make sure that the lighting is disseminated in the circulating environment of the same range hood.

LED light: once again, but now brighter

LED technology has broken into various sectors of modern life, so a range hood is no exception. When you buy an extractor hood Elica be sure you can be sure that you get a lighting system carefully selected to offer the best light.

We we counted on home delivery in all major US cities like Miami, New York City and Las Vegas.

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