Range hoods for luxurious kitchens

We add the European style to your kitchen to make it a culinary masterpiece. Visit our catalog now.

The owners of luxurious kitchens prefer to place their exhaust hoods over the stove, because it directly absorbs all the smoke and odors generated while preparing food, plus they are part of the decor as they become pieces that attract diners´ attention.

The island kitchen hoods can become the perfect detail to complement the decor of your kitchen. Elica has in its catalog a variety of configurations and features that make them the most desired by professional kitchen designers, and also by amateurs. Take the opportunity to change the way you purify the air in your kitchen.

Regardless of the design, Elica´s island range hoods are very easy to install, even the same day you purchase your range hood, as we include detailed instructions for you to follow step by step process and soon have your kitchen with purified air. Even so, we strongly recommend to leave any kitchen installation to professionals in order to avoid unnecessary risks or installation mistakes.

The quality of our materials transforms our range hoods in pieces with the best design and the most advanced features.

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Exclusive materials: the best for your kitchen Elica in quality.

Once we have carried out an extensive research process and find the best design, it is time to assemble our range hoods with the finest materials: polished steel refining, natural leather, Venetian blown glass or micro-perform steel are among the ones we use to ensure operation and exceptional design.

Ambient light: when light is everything.

We guarantee you that your current extractor hood does not have the proper illumination to lighten up the area where you cook your food. With Elica you do not have to worry about this as our range hoods have a special function, which diffuses light around the same hood.

Save your head from bumps and continue cooking.

One aspect we consider above all is how our customers interact with our range hoods. That is why we developed a feature that uses the laws of ergonomics to provide the user with a comfortable use of the range hood to avoid bruising or discomfort management while cooking or using our products.

We changed the rules of your kitchen ventilation with innovating solutions..

What you know about range hoods has become obsolete thanks to our new features, because we changed an engine for a small stainless steel cylinder that houses lighting, filtering and aspiration in the same space. This technology is patented, so you can rest assured that you are getting a unique product of its kind and with several decades of experience and research in the Elica´s laboratory engineering facility. We nave a special program to enhance technological advances into our products.

We bring the luxury of our range hoods to your kitchen anywhere in the country including the territories of Boston, Texas and Illinois.

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