The most professional extractor hoods with energy saving.

Efficient range hoods and italian design? Elica has what you´re looking for.

When you need ducted installation, we have different options for you in our catalog. Elica produces the most professional extractor hoods with energy saving in USA with features that you really need. If you are in San Francisco, San Diego or Chicago, you´ll get your products in record time. We have range hoods with recirculating system as well.

If you own a kitchen that doesn´t have a ducted system, there is not need to panic. Elica has a recirculating system in a few of its models. How sounds that? Instead of putting the air out of the kitchen, the range hood purifies and cleans it and introduces it again in the room. Plus, we deliver to LA, NYC and Miami areas.

Our recirculating system allow you to own a range hood from Elica, even if you don´t possess a ducted installation. This is because some of our models can filter fats and smells and introduce this clean air again into the kitchen.

Thanks to various awards it has received throughout its forty years of history, Elica professional italian design is recognized worldwide.

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Perimeter aspiration cooktop

Instead of the traditional filter that is in plain sight, we design extractor hoods that have a glass panel that enhances the aesthetic and simplifies the cleaning and maintenance tasks, so you spend more time cooking for your loved ones. That is Perimeter aspiration, an alternative aspiration technology, where the airflow is channeled into the outer perimeter of the range hood, reducing energy consumption and noise. On the plus note, it`s a detail that enhaces your kitchen style.

Elica Deep Silence feature in a stove hood

This technology allows for a extremly quiet air extraction, even imperceptible due to low speed handling. The range hoods equipped with the Elica Deep Silence system (EDS3) are the quietest in the world. This unique and patented system by Elica reduces the noise level but without slowing down the blowing performance; this kind of range hoods are also the most powerful and efficient on the market. With this technology you get a reduction of noise greater than 35% compared to traditional hoods.

Head Saver

The under cabinet range hoods with Head Saver allow you to have freedom of movement when you're preparing food and avoid involuntary hits. Thanks to ergonomics and functional studies investigated in Elisa TechLab, the dimensions of each range hood are carefully designed. If you are in San Francisco, San Diego or Chicago, you'll get your products in record time.


In a compact stainless steel cylinder you can find aspiration functions, filtering of fats and smells, a lighting system for both, the cooking area and the environment surrounds. Products developed around the Evolution system has revolutionized the world of stove vent. Evolution is an exclusive Elica patent. We deliver to Boston, Phoenix and Las Vegas too. The range hoods under this technology have an elegant design, which naturally blends into the most refined kitchen design.

Elica give you the chance to acquire the most professional kitchen hoods in USA.

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