Range hoods with LED lights

Our exhaust hoods have the best lighting without costing you more bucks.

Don´t we all want to save money? That is right, saving make us happy, and also a smart purchases makes you a smart customer. Elica can give a hand with it: our range hoods with LED lights are the perfect companion for your kitchen: best lighting, energy savings and an added piece of art to your home for the same price. Are you following me?

Our range hoods with energy savings are the top sellers within our catalog, and for a good reason: enviroment doesn´t need more pollution and waste of natural resources, that is why our exhaust hoods accomplish this and more: up to 50% less energy is wasted. Did we say our range hoods looks awesome in any kind of kitchen?

An energy saving LED light is everything that you need when it comes to illuminate your cooking area the right way. It is a soft but powerful source light that will last up to 10 times, so the savings are just starting. The wonderful thing about LED light is how easy is to forget that you are saving energy and money just every time you cook for your family.

Cutting-edge technology and advanced features are part of Elica´s DNA.

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Synairgy: everything that you come to expect from a range hood and more.

Don´t take it from us: over 40 years our range hoods have been part of the american way of life when in comes to the kitchen area, mainly because we give our customers what they need: a great appliance with advanced features as Synargy, where they can save energy while cleaning the air of their kitchens. A win-win situation, right?

Chef Control allows you to transform the way you integrate the smart style into your life.

With a tap, your smartphone can do anything; remind you your next task, schedule a dentist appointment, etc. How would you feel with your range hood doing the same? Now is possible with Elica and our newest addition: Chef Control. Your range hood now is smart enough to start running as you start cooking the perfect meal for you family.

LED light is not a trend, is a way to take care of the environment and have a bright future.

We know you always look for ways to be enviromental concious in every aspect of your life. That is why we make it easy for you to continue the persue of a healthier life. LED lighting doesn´t consume as much as energy that other kind of light sources. Plus this type of lighting lasts 10x time more than a regular bulb light. Isn´t that great?

High performance = air that is cleaner than ever.

We all love a clean space, specially if we are talking about the kitchen area. There is something about a home with fresh air that is irresistible. Now, you can have it, even if you cook your favorite grilled meal. Any odor, grease particle or smell will be gone in seconds thanks to your new Elica range hood. A few minutes is all that it takes for the appliance to give you a purified space.

Quality, price, great features and cutting-edge technology are part of what make us a great brand.

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