Best kitchen range hoods for modern styles

Professional designers prefer Elica island extraction hoods designs. It's your turn to discover why.

In the world of kitchen design, there are different locations to place the extraction hoods, all depending on the decor and space that exists at the time of installation. In the case of island range hoods, their placement is recommended in large spaces and high ceilings, as these design features are best appreciated.

Once you have established where the exhaust hood will be, you must decide the type of air vent it will have. With Elica you can choose an external output or recirculating aspiration system, which means that the cooker hood purifies the air and sends it back to the kitchen. This configuration depends on your needs and your kitchen physical condition.

We must add that the island extraction hoods can also become a piece of art because of the highest quality materials we use to develop them. This allows us to offer diverse, smart choices with the degree of notoriety necessary for your dinner guests to marvel with your kitchen decor.

Elica has over four decades of experience designing and manufacturing the best extractor hoods in the world.

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Elica designers use the most exclusive materials for your benefit.

Research behind our cooker hoods is how we can offer designs that use elegant and resistant materials such as blown glass, which Venetian craftsmen work with ancient techniques of handling this material. We also offer polished steel for a glossy finish which also helps your exhaust hood stay cleaned longer.

We take our range hoods to the next level.

In a stainless steel metal cylinder we have united the best suction power, filtering and lighting that an exhaust hood can offer. This technology allows us to design lightweight cooker hoods with intricate designs, which can be integrated easily into spaces where the decor is eclectic, but functional parts are needed.

We have a feature you cannot resist: Ambient Light

When you have different light sources, you can play with them and create spaces filled with textures and shapes that enhance any decor. In the case of a kitchen, it is important to have lights that allow to clearly observe the cooking process of a dish, in addition to allowing to have a complete visual control of everything that happens in the kitchen. With an ambient lighting our extractor hoods allow you to have the best lighting for your kitchen.

We carry out an ergonomic design a step further to enhance functionality.

We include in our range hoods a technological advance through which we ensure that you can cook comfortably without the fear of receiving a blow. We take on consideration that the distance between you and the exhaust hood is adequate to prevent accidents while you are cooking. We studied the correct dimensions of each exhaust hood´s model as well as the space where they are going to be installed for you to enjoy our products.

Check out Elica´s catalog now and discover the advantages of purchasing any of our extractor hood models for your kitchen.

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