Range hoods with best LED light system

With our exhaust hoods you can clear your kitchen air faster and with lower power consumption.

Cooking hood lighting is one of the most important aspects that you must consider when you are in search for the best appliances for your kitchen. We recommend choosing those range hoods that incorporate LED light as a primary light source.

Why does this happen? The LED is capable of reducing energy consumption dramatically up to 90%, which results in increasingly lower energy bills. Another aspect to consider is that a LED bulb lasts 10 times longer than a traditional bulb, which impacts on your pocket, having to buy fewer bulbs per year.

That is why Elica offers the LED light as a primary light source. With this technology we ensure that your range hood is safe and easy to control, besides its temperature will not rise with its daily use. Check our online catalog and choose the perfect range hood for your kitchen.

Elegant finishes and the best materials make possible to offer the best brand of exhaust hoods in the world: Elica. Search our models now.

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External engine: you choose where to put your range hood power.

Elica gives you the option of having a remote motor system, which can be installed inside or outside of the kitchen. What are the advantages of this feature? At first the performance of your range hood improves by 35%, while the noise can be reduced by up to 20%, so it's up to you to purchase your Elica range hood now.

Ambient light: diffuses light and keep your foods always lit.

We make it easy to add more a more interesting focal point to your kitchen with Ambient light, an exclusive Elica range hood feature. This system diffuses light in addition to spread it around the entire room evenly. With this light source you can watch the process of cooking your food without interruption.

Back aspiration: behind or above; with Elica you decide the air outlet

According to the physical condition of your kitchen it is as you can decide the type of output that will have air once it is aspired by the exhaust hood. In this regard, with Elica you have several options, including a top outlet, which is the classic way to install a range hood, or you can choose the rear exit that works without the need for a chimney.

Elica Deep Sleep: acquire the quietest range hood in the world

Due to multiple requests from our customers it is how we develop technology that changes the way to purify the air of a kitchen; in this case the EDS system allows us to offer a silent but powerful range hood, where the noise is reduced by 35% when compared with range hoods of other brands on the market.

The professional design of our range hoods exceeds our costumers´expectations. It's your chance to own the best range hood thanks to Elica.

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