Why island range hoods are the best?

Why island range hoods are the best? The real question is Why Elica island range hoods are the best?

Sometimes large spaces are equally difficult to decorate as small kitchens, because there must be a balance between functionality and design of appliances which are included in a kitchen. An Elica exhaust hood brings these two aspects in one product.

When you have an island in the kitchen it is possible to use the space between it and the roof to install a hood, which is located in an excellent position to purify and cleanse the air of the room. And thanks to the cutting-edge Elica designs, you can choose to contrast the exhaust hood with the decor or choose one that blends perfectly with the environment.

You decide the style, we offer you the exhaust hood with the best features to leave your kitchen free from odors or grease particles. We have patented technology to reduce energy consumption and get quiet performance. All these aspects answers the question Why island range hoods are the best?

The selection of materials we do is based on performance and elegance that add value to our range hoods.

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Ambient light: an additional source of light

Within each range hood that we produce we include LED lighting since this has proven to be an excellent means to illuminate the cooking area, plus it has the benefits of having a low power consumption and does not generate high temperatures as with traditional bulbs, which translates into a friendly relationship with the environment.

Perimeter aspiration: the air of your kitchen is purified in a different way.

Currently, there are different ways to aspirate and purify the air of a kitchen, whether it is sucked or air is recycled, but there is also the option to recirculate the air around the same hood, which means the power consumption is reduced, apart from which this type of range hoods usually have a glass panel that makes this alternative function.

Chef Control: we transform your needs into orders

Now with an Elica range hood you can spent more time cooking and less on worrying about the exact timing of turning the exhaust hood on to begin to purify the air, thanks to the operation panel where you can enter use programs for different types of cooking techniques (roasted, smoked or fried).

Head Saver: we offer you ergonomic products to your service

Within our research process in the Elica TechLab is the area of ergonomics, which is responsible for experimenting with the exhaust hoods designs regarding the use that customers give to these, in order that its handling and use are appropriate and they do not cause injury or shock to users.

The commitment to our customers is to manufacture high-tech range hoods from start to finish.

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