Best illuminated island range hoods

The research behind our island range hoods guarantees our customers the safety of constant use.

Although modern kitchens have different light sources when it comes to illuminate the area where you prepare your food, they must have a technology that can last longer in addition of not generating high temperatures, because then the act of cooking becomes uncomfortable.

That is why we offer to you to try any of Elica´s island range hoods. We know that you will find the perfect range hood to keep an enlightened view correctly, plus you will enjoy the security provided by the LED lighting when you prepare your food. Visit our online catalog for you to check this out. Our consultants will help you to find the best suitable exhaust hood.

Professional kitchen designers are happy to offer their customers various range hood options of our brand because we have different solutions for every taste: island range hoods, quieter engines, energy saving, inspired by European designers, as well as technological advances that make your life easier when you cook or clean your kitchen air. Please contact us for further questions.

Patents behind our range hoods are a hallmark of guarantee and innovation for our customers.

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The lowest energy consumption in range hoods.

We bring to you an innovation capable of generating energy savings from the moment you turn on your kitchen range hood. You will be able to clean the air in your kitchen while your energy bill does not increase, on the contrary, it decreases due to its optimized engine that does not lose power at any time.

Our range hoods make your wishes to work on customizable commands.

Imagine for a moment that all your needs are included in features you can enter into your kitchen extractor hood; you no longer have to imagine this, because now you can have these features with some of our models with special control functions, which turn your kitchen range hood into an intelligent appliance. It will start working when you start cooking and even when you stop.

LED: your kitchen range hood has never been better lit.

With LED technology your kitchen range hood is able to keep your cooking area illuminated longer without increasing the temperature, so you you can cook for a longer period of time without worrying about suffering a burn. In addition to this LED lighting promotes energy conservation at all times, so your energy bill will not increase regardless the cooking you do.

Full range hood power with a quiet an elegant engine.

Our engineers have achieved something wonderful: keep giving you maximum performance in our range hoods, but with an almost imperceptible engine sound when it is working. This is one of our greatest innovations to date, and one of the reasons why even our profesional chef customers prefer our range hoods.

Our range hood design is worthy of international awards, which our brand has earned for several years.

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