Island range hoods in USA

A professional designer, a kitchen and an island hood, what have in common? Elica

While you're entertaining some guests, some others pour wine in their glasses, and suddenly a small reunion became an awesome gathering, all while you were standing beside you kitchen island, getting the perfect light from one of our island range hoods in USA.

The sky is the limit when it comes to your dream kitchen. If you are into european styles, specifically italian design, you're in luck because Elica has a vast selection of luxury hoods for islands kitchen, for example. We have recirculating/ducted installation as well.

Our exhaust hoods have an amazing professional design, that´s why professional kitchen designers recognize the quality and effort that Italian craftsmen printed on each extractor, giving them a unique design that adapts to any style of cooking, without sacrificing the blowing performance that characterizes Elica. We deliver to Boston, Phoenix and Las Vegas too.

High quality and upscale finishes are part of our italian heritage. Welcome to the family.

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High performace

Our island range hoods in USA with the highest blowing performance are particularly suitable for large kitchen environments or culinary habits that require boiled, fried or grilled meals. The power of the Elica range hoods, either extracting air out of a room or recycling it,  meets any professional or home need without a problem. If you are in San Francisco, San Diego or Chicago, you'll get your products in record time.

Chef Control

What is Chef Control? It´s a technology designed for everyone who wants to automate their tasks. How works? We have exhaust hoods on which you can pick the cooking time and choose the extraction power that is necessary. With this technology we include the Silent and Turbo functions, so our clients transform their requirements in automatic commands. We´ll send you our products to Chicago, Boston and Phoenix as well.


The range hoods under this technology have an elegant design, which naturally blends into the most refined kitchen design. Evolution is an exclusive Elica patent. We deliver to Boston, Phoenix and Las Vegas too. In a compact stainless steel cylinder you can find aspiration functions, filtering of fats and smells, a lighting system for both, the cooking area and the environment surrounds. Products developed around the Evolution system has revolutionized the world of stove vent.

Perimeter aspiration

If the airflow is channeled into the outer perimeter of the range hood, reducing energy consumption and noise, that´s what we call Perimeter aspiration, an alternative aspiration technology. Spend more time cooking for your loved ones. Instead of using the traditional filter which is the first thing you see, these extraction hoods have a glass panel that enhances the aesthetic and simplifies the cleaning and maintenance tasks for you. We always thing a better way to handle you aspiration needs.

High quality is all about the materials and how they blend into each other. Elica knows how to accomplish this.

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