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We submit to strict controls every range hood according to international safety standards.

The Elica island range hoods are the most requested by professional interior designers, because they represent an opportunity to decorate a space with a statement piece that highlights the style of a kitchen, regardless of whether they tried an oval, curved, metallic or matte design.

When choosing an island model, you should know that you have the option to install our cooker hoods without needing a duct air outlet, as the internal engine of it can become a recirculating system with a simple movement of 90 degrees. With this you get to solve one of the first installation obstacles because not all kitchens have walls with an air system outlet.

There is no doubt an Elica island extractor hood will fulfill several of your requirements, including design, which is why we invite you to review our catalog and see that we have a perfect model to complement the decor of your kitchen. You can ask us for advice alike to choose the perfect range hood to operate and look good in your home.

In Elica we design range hoods with an idea in mind: to offer products that simplify the lives of our customers.

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Efficient ways to purify the air in your kitchen.

The inspiration behind this technology comes to offering the most powerful aspiration system and be respectful with the environment, aspects that are not frequently together. On the one hand we have an extremely quiet motor, which can regulate itself to act in different working conditions. On the other hand we add one more feature: reduced power consumption.

Your desires become easy programmable commands.

Today electronic devices need to respond to new ways of interacting with humans; one of them is to convert its duties into a set of intelligent orders that meet people's lives without having to constantly intervene. This is why Elica developed a function that will allow you to convert your needs into commands that can be programmed to run automatically.

We have the best source of current lighting: LED light

LED lighting has become a standard of quality and comfort as far as lighting is concerned, because it is a light source with low power consumption, plus it does not generate high temperatures due to its use as happens with other types of lighting. We must emphasize the fact that its lifetime is 10 times greater than that of a traditional bulb.

Our range hoods offer high performance and comfort.

Our extraction hood models have enough functions to excel in performance tests, regardless of performing aspiration in a large or a small space. Our extraction hoods are designed to provide the highest aspiration for all kinds of culinary habits and necessities. Transform your kitchen into an appealing space for cooking and interact with all the family members.

Our range hoods are optimized to limit their use of non-renewable energy.

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