Best designer range hoods in USA

If you need the best designer range hood in the USA, you only need to check Elica´s catalog out now.

Island range hoods are a decorative and functional alternative that most kitchens in the USA have, since they offer the best performance in one room, plus they allow you to choose the air outlet either by a duct or through a re-circulating system, which cleans the air and introduces it back into the kitchen.

If we add to this the fact that most of the range hoods by Elica is part of a designer collection, we are talking about a brand that gives you the most important technological advances, the most exclusive materials, along with the most spectacular designs. We deliver to Boston, Phoenix and Las Vegas too.

With an island range hood you have the opportunity to turn your suction system into a single decorative piece, as its silent running and remote control allow you to concentrate on your culinary tasks while your range hood refreshes the air around your kitchen. If you are in San Francisco, San Diego or Chicago, you'll get your products in record time.

We offer the finest blend of materials with advanced technology in each of our designer range hoods.

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External motor to reduce noise in your kitchen and be able to cook with tranquility.

With our range hoods you have the choice of where its engine will be installed, either in the same space in the kitchen or outside of it. This feature eliminates any noise that produces the cooker hood, but you must know that our range hoods are the quietest on the market, so installing the engine must be more out of space or aesthetic reasons.

Ambient light to create states of mood and enhance creativity while cooking.

The kitchen is one of the spaces that must be well lightened, since it is where you perform various activities that require whatever light is possible at all times; whether you're reading a recipe, cutting vegetables or checking the status of your stew, lighting must be constant, so the exhaust hoods by Elica have the Ambient Light feature, which diffuses light emanating from it around the whole kitchen.

Back aspiration

Whether yourself or a contractor install the hood, every range hoods produced by Elica allow you choose the type of air vent. This is possible through the movement of 90 degrees can make your internal power unit. You decide if the air will come out of your home or be recycled in the same exhaust hood.

Technological advances for an intelligent kitchen at your home.

The suction system which our range hoods include is a special feature which allows maximum performance with minimum noise: up to 35% less noise produces this kind of extraction hoods, compared with other traditional and other brands.

The best island range hoods to find within the catalog of Elica. Check it out now.

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