Best decorative range hoods in USA

The best decorative range hoods in the USA are within the catalog of Elica. Check it out now.

If we speak about the best decorative range hoods in the USA, models by Elica have the most innovative features on the market: silent motor, remote control, automatic scheduling, you can choose the air outlet, and besides that, they have the most creative designs within the world of professional design. We deliver to Boston, Phoenix and Las Vegas too.

Among the many reasons for which Elica differs from others brands that sell extraction range hoods, is the fact that our models of island extraction hoods for kitchens become unique pieces that surprise for being silent and harmonize with any ambient. We deliver to LA, NYC and Miami areas. Our technology is beyond your wishes: noiseless, powerful, innovative.

The island extraction hoods are great for homes or apartments with high ceilings and kitchens where the focal point is at the center of the room. Either bell-shaped or stainless steel and glass as part of their materials, Elica has the perfect extraction ventilation to complement your home decor. If you are in San Francisco, San Diego or Chicago, you'll get your products in record time.

Elica offers the most comprehensive catalog with the best decorative range hoods in the USA.

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Technology that works far beyond a conventional range hood for modern and functional kitchens.

Elica's patented technology to reduce energy consumption by half, thanks to the engine in such range hoods regulates itself for optimum performance with minimal noise, so you need not worry about the efficiency of your extractor hood: Elica already did it for you.

High performance at all time with different innovative features for professional cooking at home.

The key feature you want in a range hood is the power aspiration that holds, since at end is the part that sets one exhaust hood from another. Most Elica models maintain superior performance, especially range hoods belonging to the Tecnhe series, which are designed for homes who cook very often.

Exclusive materials designed by Venetian designers which enable durability and functionality.

Elica has a research and development laboratory that not only innovates in the field of functionalities; it is also seeking to combine the best materials and offer range hoods with innovative design and proven resistance. Besides the traditional stainless steel, few of our preferred materials are polished steel, natural leather or blown Venetian glass.

LED light to reduce consumption.

The LED lighting system is now the best lighting option when you want to get a clear light, but without the use of a traditional bulb. Cooking area remain fully illuminated while cooking, but without generating high temperatures during operation. In addition to its low power consumption, another advantage is that it has a shelf life up to 10 times longer than any other common lighting. 

A kitchen decoration is not complete until you choose one of the range hoods which has Elica for you.

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