Range hoods for Texas kitchens

We are architects of the air, and we design range hoods able to change the air atmosphere.

Today you can be aware with environmental care, while that you use efficient and functional appliances. Thus the global trend is moving to acquire technology that is friendly to natural resources and does not pollute, or simplifies functions that otherwise would cause higher energy consumption. That is why we care in Elica to offer you exhaust hoods for kitchens to save resources.

In our different lines you will find a suitable model for your needs. If you live in Texas we know that barbecues on Sundays or Fourth of July celebrations require food preparation issuing smoke and odors that need to be neutralized. Our range hoods, besides having a European-inspired design, have advanced management for kitchen cleaning functions.

This is the right time to ask for a quotation of the ideal cooking hood for Texas. Our sales agents will help you solve your doubts and questions as the type of voltage, dimensions, suction capacity and the fastest way to install your kitchen extractor hood. Our online catalog features perfect aspiration solutions for your home. Do not wait and choose the best appliance that you will find with us.

Passion, innovative thinking and impetus to meet new goals are some of the factors that distinguish Elica products.

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Reduced consumption and performance optimization.

Our patented technology combines a quiet engine with the ability to reduce energy consumption by up to 50 percent. It is now possible to have a cooker hood to work self-regulating way to avoid excessive consumption of resources, while reducing noise usually produces by this type of appliances. This extractor hood adapts to different suction conditions, so its performance is guaranteed in environments where it is necessary to reduce the smoke and odors immediately.

Any need is automated for your benefit.

The current trend in household appliances is turn them into smart pieces that meet preset commands, plus they are able to adjust its performance to the conditions around them. That is why we offer Chef Control, a system within some of our models, which gives you features on its screen that regulate the aspiration according to the type of food you are preparing. Similarly it contains features that make the engine in a silent and powerful machine.

LED light: our range hoods get all the attention.

Due to the type of operation that range hoods have, they must maintain control of internal and external temperature, as this determines the extent of its life. That is why we include a light source that does not generate high temperatures, besides economizing energy use to run our appliances: LED light. Your kitchen area is illuminated uniformly without compromising your safety. LED light bulb lasts up to 10 times longer than a traditional light bulb, plus save up to 90% of electricity.

Elica Deep Silence: quiet performance, but without neglecting the power.

Elica Deep Silence is another innovative and exclusive technology that allows us to provide the quietest range hoods for kitchen worldwide. With this we achieve that environmental pollution is nonexistent in your kitchen up to 35%, compared to other brands. This patented technology allows Elica, while having powerful engine that aspires and removes quickly and effectively smoke and odors generated when you are cooking. This type of extractor hood is an extra benefit you find in our catalog.

European style never goes out of way, so our range hoods either. Visit our online catalog today.

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