Range hood ducted or ductless?

This air venting in range hoods could change everything you know about this subject.

First, lets say what a ductless range hood is: think of a fan inside a box without an exit. All that fan can do is circulated the air around it. That is the same when we talk about ductless range hoods: extractors that can clean and filter the air in a space without a duct connected with the exterior. Sounds familiar? You might have this kind of setting already.

In the case of ducted range hoods, is the opposite of what we talked before: the extractor hood have a connected and working system that allows it to expel the air outside of a kitchen, so it is somehow fresher. Most homes have this setting. Do you already have one? Take advantage of it with the help of Elica.

Ducted or ductless? The old said has a straight answer: why not both? With Elica you don´t go this or that, you go these. Yes, you can have both systems in the same range hood, at the same price, with the same features, althought we kind of wish you choose the latter. Why? Just beacuse it´s an awesome setting, noise-free and so powerful that the air couldn´t be cleaner.

Every kitchen needs to be clean and fresh 24/7. We help you with that.

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More efficiency enables your range hood to be the perfect appliance.

Synairgy is the best of two worlds: the optimization that we put inside of our range hoods makes them fast, convenient, noise-free and powerful, and also able to make you save a few bucks. What is not to love about it? Nowadays is important to be enviromental councious and only buy the kind of appliance that help you with that.

How could you lived without Chef Control? A smart control in your range hood.

Who has the time to programmed an appliance, right? We neither, so that is why we help you to prepare your meals, eliminating grease particles and odors just like that. Chef Control is the brain behind this, so it can determinate the right time to start aspiring and cleaning the air in your kitchen, and also stop right away.

Illuminating your kitchen is not just a light bulb job anymore. LED light comes to the rescue.

Yes, it may seems that adding and extra source of lighting to your kitchen is a waste of money, until you realize that the LED light within your brand new Elica range hood actually help you save energy. Up to 50% less energy is consumed when your extractor hood is running. And can we say how gorgeous a kitchen looks like when your cooking with this kind of lighting?

Your life is full of great performances; don't let your range hood slow you down.

Design, savings and now top-notch performance. That is right, you can have it all in one range hood. Our extractors are designed to work on every cooking situation, no matter how many grease particles, odors or air they have to clean and purify. As we said before: your life is about performances well executed; your range hood doesn´t have to be an exception.

Look for the best design, technology and features. Elica have them all under one package.

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