Cabinet range hood design

 Elica give you the chance to acquire the best cabinet range hood design in the world.

The cabinet range hood offers a design that blends with the kitchen design and adds a luxurious detail to it. Although they have a traditional design, these exhaust hoods are timeless because the professional kitchen designers often play with contrasting designs to create an eclectic effect. You can check our catalog and be amazed on how many styles you can get from our differents lines.

If you wonder how difficult a cabinet range hood installation is, there is no reason to worry about, because our exhaust hoods are easy to install and maintain, as long as you correctly follow the manual instructions. There is also a chance when you can hire professionals on the field to make this for you. Either way, we promise your kitchen will look flawless.

Elica has high quality standards when it comes to our cabinet range hoods. The materials that we use are chosen one by one in order to build a product worth your time and your investment. Thanks to our own TechLab, we can assure you that every single one of our range hoods has been tested to offer great performance and a timeless design altogether.

 High quality and upscale finishes are our everyday work. With Elica you can´t go wrong in your kitchen.

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Exclusive materials

The ongoing research that Elica does is based on functionality and beauty, so its range hoods are produced with the best materials on earth. Each of its exhaust hoods has elements that make it unique, whether is the hand-blown glass by venetian craftsmen, the techno polymer surfaces, the elegant polished steel, the natural leather, wire meshes or microform steel filters. The materials we use are chosen to offer a stunning design, and retain all the range hoods functions.

Ambient light

Elica has range hoods that illuminate efficiently the cooking area, plus, they have a feature called Ambient Light, which diffuses light around the kitchen, so it becomes an additional point of it to decorate kitchens. With different light sources you can create completely different environments. We deliver to LA, NYC and Miami areas, so order now.

Head Saver

The cabinet range hoods with Head Saver allow you to have freedom of movement when you're preparing food and avoid involuntary hits. Thanks to ergonomics and functional studies investigated in Elica TechLab, the dimensions of each range hood are carefully designed. Remeber, if you are in San Francisco, San Diego or Chicago, you'll get your products in record time.


Products developed around the Evolution system has revolutionized the world of stove vent. In a compact stainless steel cylinder you can find aspiration functions, filtering of fats and smells, a lighting system for both, the cooking area and the environment surrounds. The range hoods under this technology have an elegant design, which naturally blends into the most refined kitchen design. Evolution is an exclusive Elica patent. We deliver to Boston, Phoenix and Las Vegas too.

Elegance is our middle name. High-end materials and a modern design are part of our 40 year-old history.

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