Range hoods with external suction or air filtration

With air filtration or external suction? The exhaust hoods of Elica USA have both configurations.

There are several features that make a range hood a desired object by amateur cooks and professional designers: cutting edge design, exclusive materials, outperforming the rest of the extraction hoods, ease of use, plus an added value that each brand integrates into their products. In our case, the added value is about installing a range hood with external output or filtering function.

What is the difference between these two characteristics? First we can say that an external release of smoke allows you to clean more concisely the air in your kitchen, as grease particles and odors are expelled to the outside, leaving your home with a fresh atmosphere. Our range hoods with air filtration suction the air and it passes through a filter that retains particles smoke.

That is why both functions are part of the value Elica integrated into its extraction hoods, so that our customers can decide the type of extraction required. This is one of the reasons why our consumers have favored us with their preference for over forty years since we offer world-class products with the features they really need and the support of a group of professionals ready to innovate.

Our exhaust hoods offer the ability to decide the type of operation: suction or air filtration, which you can decide at the time of installation.

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External Engine: physically separated, united by a cause.

We offer you the option to install the engine of your range hood far from it or even outside the kitchen. This may be caused by the reduced space or for purely aesthetic needs. An advantage of this configuration there is a performance improvement by 35% in the aspiration plus noise is minimized as much as 20%.

Only Elica offers you the best type of lighting for your range hood: LED light

Our extractor hoods have the best type of lighting that there is today: LED light. This system provides the perfect light for grill cooking, so you can check the cooking time of your dishes better. In addition to this, LED technology lasts 10 times greater than traditional bulbs, allowing additional savings of up to 90% of the energy bill.

External motor

With our range hoods you have the choice of where its engine will be installed, either in the same space in the kitchen or outside of it. This feature eliminates any noise that produces the cooker hood, but you must know that our range hoods are the quietest on the market, so installing the engine must be more out of space or aesthetic reasons.

Head Saber

The exhaust hoods and stove vents in USA with Head Saver allow you to have freedom of movement when you're preparing food and avoid involuntary hits. Thanks to ergonomics and functional studies investigated in Elica TechLab, the dimensions of each range hood are carefully designed. If you are in San Francisco, San Diego or Chicago, you'll get your products in record time.

During the installation of the Elica extractor hoods you can choose the configuration that suits your needs: sucking smoke out or air filtration.

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