Range hoods for italian-style kitchens

We have the fastest, quiet and energy-efficient exhaust hoods.

We propose to you a style of range hood for your kitchen: under cabinet. This location allows the suction system integrates easily with your kitchen decor, since the engine and other elements are contained within a block or wall of the room.

In this case the range hood works without problem, your kitchen will look spotless and the room air will remain fresh and free of smoke and odors thanks to the suction and purifying action of one of our range hoods. As you review our catalog you can verify that your city is in our delivery areas such as Chicago, Tennessee and Iowa.

It's time for you to visit our catalog, which contains different models with Italian design and different types of installation to wall, cabinet, island and under a panel. We can guide you on the best combination that will ensure optimum performance and a perfect aesthetic integration.

Every time you think about clean air, during and after cooking, think of an Elica extractor hood. Comfort and performance represent us.

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High performance: power is our middle name.

When we talk to high performance, this does not mean an increase in the noise made by a motor running. On the contrary. Technology within each of our range hoods will allow you to properly aspire your kitchen while they kept as quiet as possible. Do not sacrifice power with other brands, your best option is Elica.

When there is more than one way out: Back aspiration

During the installation stage of your range hood you can choose the type of air outlet will have either up or to the side of a wall, with the simple movement of 90 degrees engine. If the output is up, this is usually used to filter and suck air, while if it is to the side, this allows operation without a visible chimney.

Elica Deep Silence: power does not mean excessive noise.

We added to our range hoods the features most requested by our customers, including having quieter equipment that can work with optimum performance. We can say that our research shows that noise reduction is at a level higher than 35% compared to traditional range hoods.

External Engine: physically separated, united by a cause

We offer you the option to install the engine of your range hood far from it or even outside the kitchen. This may be caused by the reduced space or for purely aesthetic needs. An advantage of this configuration there is a performance improvement by 35% in the aspiration plus noise is minimized as much as 20%.

We put the capital L in the word luxury, through every detail that makes up our range hoods.

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