Italian style range hood in USA

If we talk about Italian style, Elica has the best models of range hoods in the USA.

The decorating style inspired by European cities it never gets old; perhaps because it is a classic style that adds luxury to a room. That is why Elica retains the traditional craft to produce extraction hoods using Venetians workers, who assemble pieces of art for your kitchen.

There are several ways to incorporate the Italian inspiration of our extraction hoods in your kitchen; one of them is a wall-mounted range hood. For this style it is necessary to establish a good ratio between the kitchen hood and the space it occupies, as well as the distance between the latter and the stove.

We know that one of america's favorite styles of range hoods is the Italian, which is why we have a wide variety of kitchen hoods with European inspiration, so you choose the one that best suits your kitchen.

Find out how the Italian style of one of our range hoods in the US is the final detail that is missing in your kitchen.

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Chef Control

If your smartphone or car come with automated features, why should it be any different the functioning of a exhaust hood? With Chef Control System, range hoods made by Elica allow you schedule when they start working: begin to aspire only when they detect odors or smoke, and finish work when you finish cooking. Using this technology you'll wonder why you had not had before. The answer is because you were not the owner of a Elica extractor hood.

Back Aspiration

The choice is yours: external suction or air filtration. With Elica range hoods you can change the type of aspiration with one 90-degree movement. If you have an external air duct, you can send the air out. If you do not have external output, you can use of the option to recycle the air in the same exhaust hood. Most of our range hoods have this feature.

Ambient light

Lighting is an essential part when cooking, allowing verify consistency and carrying progress our dishes during the phase of cooking. In addition to this, good lighting on the stove adds an interesting focal point to your kitchen as it is the most important area. Our range hoods diffuse light around it, so it is a source of extra lighting.

LED light

Today, LED technology is found in most of the objects we use every day: lamps, appliances, chandeliers, elevators, even personal items. The reason behind this widespread use is simple: a LED light source illuminates more with half the energy of traditional bulbs, plus the waste heat is minor compared to other light sources.

To appreciate the beauty and performance of Elica´s range hoods, we recommend trying a wall-mounted model first.

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