Luxurious insert hood for american kitchens

If you want a luxurious downdraft hood for any kind of american kitchens, Elica has it for you.

Owners of American kitchens are always looking for luxurious downdraft hoods because they offer an unusual aspiration system, where the cooker hood is kept hidden in a panel near the stove until it is necessary to extract and purify air kitchen. Whether you're in the West Coast or the East coast, our delivery services reach every corner of USA.

Once the downdraft hood is installed, simply you must to lift the hood in the time when the air extraction is needed. When you finish cooking, you only need to slide down the exhaust hood and your kitchen will be cleared. This is what we call cutting edge design. If you are in San Francisco, San Diego or Chicago, you'll get your products in record time.

Although the exhaust hood remains hidden most of the time, that does not mean the materials with which it is made must be common. Stainless steel is an important part of the hood, as it is very resistant to temperature changes and highly corrosion-resistant metal alloy. The luxury you find in our range hoods has no comparison. We deliver to Boston, Phoenix and Las Vegas too.

American kitchens require the best materials and the most advanced design when it comes to exhaust hoods.

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High Performance

Our extraction hoods are valued by amateur cooksbecause they allow them to have a similar power to industrial extraction hoods. There are different models of our extraction hoods that are able to eliminate odors and purify the air in large kitchens, or kitchens where meals are prepared shed many grease particles and smoke on a daily basis.

Chef Control

The current trend is that the technology allows you to focus on different activities, so you let the operation of appliances and fixtures in the hands of computer chips. Some exhaust hoods made by Elica are able to self-regulate their operation and the time that must be turned on and off.


Evolution is the technology that enables us to focus in a compact stainless steel cylinder all the performance, lighting and filtration of our extraction hoods. Thanks to this adjustment in the size of the power unit is how can we design extraction hoods with complicated lines and novel materials. Have you seen our Collection line?

Perimeter aspiration

The perimeter extraction lets our extraction hoods recirculate air that aspire around the same extractor hood. This creates two benefits: the purified air no longer must travel a greater distance and thus reduces power consumption considerably. Ask your professional designer the possibility of incorporating a extractor hood with this feature.

A downdraft hood is a fantastic way to keep your kitchen free of distractions, but without sacrificing the performance of an extractor hood.

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