Best range hoods in Washington

When you need to purify the air in your kitchen, just rely on the true "architects of the air".

Washington is the capital of the United States, a city with a great history. There are different neighborhoods in the area to suit all tastes, but what they have in common is the need for having the best appliances in their kitchen, such as refrigerators, stoves and dishwashers. In the case of clean air, the best range hoods are those that offer special benefits for care of the environment.

Elica is a brand with over forty years of experience, which began in Italy and over time gained acceptance and recognition which allowed it to conquer various international territories. However, it never lost its European roots and its craftsmanship of Venetian workers. These aspects come together to offer a range hood with a tradition and style that you will not find elsewhere.

What more can we say to convince you of the quality of cooker hoods by Elica? In addition to our experience, we have a constant development of technological advances that put us in a privileged position to market pieces with a great design, the most important benefits and ensuring that our production process is sheltered by a team prepared for any eventuality.

The features that distinguish us are: cutting edge design, advanced technology, and several years of experience in the architecture of the air.

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Chef Control

Thanks to feedback from our customers we have developed most of the technological advances that are within our range hoods. One of these suggestions is all about automating the kitchen hood when put into operation, ie, with the push of a button the kitchen hood knows how much suction your home needs, as well as the time required to clean the air kitchen efficiently.

Elica Deep Silence

Why is it important to silence in a range hood? Traditionally the range hoods operate with a high level of noise due to its nature of air suction. This has changed over time thanks to the efforts of brands like Elica, which has investigated how to continue to provide a constant suction process and effective air, but without relying on a deafening noise. Request this and other information with a sales agent of Elica.


The term evolution leads us to a process of change and transformation to another state. This evolution provides new rules to a process and improves a space, a being or a community. That is why we call evolution the feature that allows us to design and manufacture range hoods with modern designs without worrying about where the functions of aspiration and lighting will be placed. In a small metal cylinder we include the functions of our range hoods, so remain hidden but functional.

LED light

What kind of light is within a range hood from Elica? This question we receive a lot because our customers want to be sure that the lighting in this type of appliance is powerful enough to lightens the food cooking area. Said light source is known as LED, which lasts up to 10 times longer than a traditional light bulb. Similarly it promotes energy savings, resulting in a lower rate electricity.

We want to be part of your home by installing one of our range hoods and care for the welfare of your family, through proper cleaning of the air.

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