Best stove vent hood with italian style

The kitchen stove hood that you need is found in the Elica extensive catalog.

Elica has stove hoods to suit different styles. It may be that you lean by American styles with wood finishes, or prefer the warmth of the Mediterranean style, you can even lean by European styles, particularly Italian, which combining modern elements with classic finishes. It is your chance to explore this style in your kitchen.

Our range hoods also has the best features: performance, aspiration, lighting and energy saving, as well as a noise reduction you will not find in other exhaust hoods. As for the placement of your cooker hood, we can tell that it is a simple installation that even you can do without the help of a specialist.

Noteworthy that all the research that exists behind each of our exhaust hoods is done in the Elica TechLab, a place where we develop and control every model that makes up our different business lines. We believe that innovation is the only way a business can transcend and be successful in every way, so we strive to create products with unique features.

We invite you to discover our catalog now and discover the options we have in stove hoods to complete your decor with Italian style.

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Perimeter aspiration, an alternative to traditional aspiration.

If you are looking for a different way to aspirate and purify the air in your kitchen, in Elica we propose you to try our feature we call perimeter aspiration, which consists in the air recirculates in the hood perimeter, which means that the electric power consumption is reduced significantly, because the air is channeled through a shorter distance. In this type of exhaust hoods you will find a different type of filter, plus maintenance is performed through an integrated panel.

Back aspiration, a configuration that offers you different options.

When you are installing your Elica range hood, it is the moment where you can choose the type of air outlet to be adopted. The rear air exit from your range hood allows you to have aspiration although there is no a fireplace in sight in your kitchen. For this reason, it must be connected to a duct into the nearest wall to let air out.

Welcome to the future. We present to you our best innovation: Elica Deep Silence (EDS3).

When you purchase one of our exhaust hoods with EDS3 technology, you can be sure that the internal engine is one of the quietest in the world. According to our research, the noise is reduced by up to 35%. Best of all is that you also get a cooker hood with optimal performance to meet any need for filtration and aspiration you have. This technology is a unique breakthrough and patented by Elica.

An external engine to decide where to put it

A remote engine lets you reduce the noise emitted by an exhaust hood as it is placed outside where the hood is located. When you conduct this type of installation you can get up to 35% improvement in the power suction range hood, while noise reduction can be set up to 20% lower than with a stove hood installed in the traditional way.

Our products are born from the imagination and the work of a group of artists who offer you artisanal, modern and functional products.

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